Bold and the Beautiful

Some nights ago, I was out watching a favorite local band. Sitting at the end of the bar, waiting for my bartender friend to get off work, I began to be hit on by a very cute toe headed boy. We started talking about life experiences, and it came out that he had spent some time at my alma matter, smoking weed behind the metal shop, as we all did. Finally he asked "what year did you graduate?"
Silence............"why what year did you graduate?"
A full 2 years after my BABY brother.
G'night Chris "just out of a long term relationship". You have no idea!
Back to my Mikey and the comfort of responsibility...even though all the girls are cheering me on!

Let Down

Kind of pissed that the $8 bottle of pinot noir is tasting much better than the fancy sesame noodle dish I made for dinner tonight. :(

Enter unto two by two

This weather is INSANE! Finally bit the bullet to run out to the store to replace the pack of smokes I left on the balcony that got completely soaked with this horizontal rain. Hydroplaned twice.
Good times!
Everything on the balcony is soaked. And of course today was plant watering day, so they're probably swimming right now! The cats finally came out of hiding from the floor rattling thunder.
Thinking tonight is a red wine and movie night!

This is Pete and Danielle. My neighbors from the time I was a little girl. Some of the most fascinating people I've ever come across.
This post is simply to celebrate their inspiration to myself and my family that life doesn't stop, and as long as you keep moving, your body won't either!
Love them!
"Inspecting the Aging"


There's something still so fascinating to me about drawbridges. Hence, of course, the insatiable desire to have our dinner this past weekend in prime viewing of the hourly phenomenon, that still makes me squeal "Oooh look there it goes!" every single time!


"I want to go to the beach"

That's what I said as Mikey and I walked out of the bakery into the first sunny day in what felt like years yesterday morning. "The beach? It's 11:30! It takes like 3 hours to get to the beach!" "So?" "Good point."
And so, in a matter of 15 minutes we'd packed up the truck with sun screen, towels, a cooler full of beer and road snacks, and were off!

4 blissful hours of sun and sand was followed up by crisp white wine, in nearby Mystic. Accompanied by Oysters, crab legs, and more white wine! Along with promises to definitely do this again sometime, for a whole weekend, very soon!



I unplugged for three days. And now I'm back...and I hate this thing even more!



Finally took cold meds before I went to sleep last night...and now I'm all foggy and groggy and disconnected....
But I had the sweetest dream! I was looking for a way to just start over in life, so I decided to go back to high school. We told everyone that I was a transfer student, who'd just gotten out of rehab, and all of my classmates were those people that I love and see every day in real life. It was fantastic! And I started a very sweet, heartfelt relationship with "teddybear Mike". And so now of course I have a tiny crush! Haha! Love how the subconscious activities affect those first few waking moments.


Lord knows I'm no huge musical fan unless I'm starring in it...but right now I am LOVING Chess on PBS with Idina Menzel. I very rarely covet vocal talent...but she's my total girl crush!


This Roseanne addiction has grown out of control. Is it sick that I judge what time I should go home at night, by how many episodes I feel like watching? Or is it sicker that TV Land plays back to back episodes every night between midnight and 3 am?
Or perhaps the scariest part is that I KNOW ALL of THAT! HAHA!
Had a fantastic night listening to some great local music. of course, due to the increased police presence, even my three beers over 6 hours made me nervous driving home. It didn't help that as soon as I got into the car, I heard the opening chords of "The Wall" my opinion, one of the freakiest Pink Floyd songs of all time!



Oh the irony! Somehow, i turned two ex boyfriends into wanna be photogs...yet my camera's been broken since the beginning of December?
Just had a huge meal. Seem to be resuming my one meal a day. Problem is, I also had a teeny tiny glass of left over white wine along with it. Now the day's completely shot to hell! I need a smoke and a nap!
Dilema: meeting J at the thrift store at 5:15. The thrift store is directly across the street from my house, about 500' away. Dilema = it's pouring! Do I drive, and feel like a fool? Or walk and get soaked?
When is this stuffy nose gonna go away?
I am in a foul mood! It just took 50 minutes to print the entire set of drawings, and I'm now ready to throw this damn machine out the window! I hate acrobat!

Good Dream

Slept on the couch last night for many reasons...
1. Starting to feel sicker by the day...and sometimes its comforting to sleep in front of the tv.
2. Had to wash the sheets, and never got around to remaking the bed. (this was the biggie)
In any case, I got very little sleep...and had a lovely dream about a far away ex who I have plans to see with in the next few months. And it's got my brain reeling....and filled me with this warm good feeling, and the original visit I was somewhat dreading, now seems refreshing.


A different kind of Mary Jane for once

Oh my GOODNESS!!!! How very cute are these little "Mary Jane" socks for a baby girl? I am totally not a baby kinda girl....but these are just too cute!


Feeling healthier

So today, I actually went grocery shopping! I had to, after I threw away all of my food when I cleaned out my fridge this afternoon.
Here's the new and improved fridge...


Something about today is making me miss Oneonta, specifically dorm living. Maybe its the light...


I HAVE to remember to eradicate my twitter account. I hate getting all these notifications about people following me...that I don't know....and I don't even USE the damn thing! No thanks!

The one in which I bitch....

I'm sick. Officially. Sore throat, feeling the onset of that weird tingly sensation in my nose. Sick sick sick....
And when I'm sick, all I want to do is sleep. For hours into days...If I had my way, I would fall asleep at first sign of illness, and not wake up until its over. However, work will not allow such luxuries, so instead I took a hot shower in which I used copious amounts of salt scrub to try and rub out the toxins, drank some tea...and am grumbly continuing on.
This time next week I will be in the Adirondacks. That's all I need to remember...


Girlie Flicks

Today was definitely a day of chick flicks...My Best Friends Wedding (I can't believe how much I loved this movie when I was 18!), The Wedding Date (LOVE Debra Messing!), and Legally Blond. You know what that means don't you? We just might be breaking out The Breakup once again!

oh well

Is it bad that I'm sad I went to the bar, and therefore missed being able to watch Legally Blond 2? ho hum.


BBQ this weekend

Anybody want to come over and try out my new grill?


I don't know if the little girl who lives across the parking lot JUST learned to fucking talk or what...but for the last 4 days all I've heard all day long is her damn chattering...usually starting around 7am when she runs out into the parking lot after her father as he leaves for work. I thought Mike was going to throw something at her this morning.
Yet another reason why an outlook of children in my future seems bleak.


Open letter

Even after 5 years, its comforting to know that small messages from you still warm my day.


Summer Time

I just saw my first firefly of the season! Summer's comin'!

Did you know you could dose out LSD in the indent of a pez candy...straight from the Mickey Mouse mouth?
Neither did I.
I'm so proud of you!

I needed that...

Woken this morning by Mikey, from a dream ABOUT him and my father. For some reason, in all of my dreams my father appears as he did when I was about 10 years old. Young, thin, with hair and a beard. It makes me sad that we can't time capsule those moments and live within them whenever we choose.
I got very nostalgic for my childhood home yesterday, as my brother, father and I sat around with my aunt and uncle, at the outdoor table we've had since I was in elementary school. Reminiscing about how we used to make our porch swing a star ship, and how many gauges we put into the log walls from ramming it into them.
I miss summer vacations as a child. And I wish I hadn't been such a bratty teen and had more memories of times away as a family, when my parents were still together.
I suppose its a lovely day for a good cry...


So excited to introduce Mikey on August 5th to the wonderous-ness that is dancing on a grassy hill at Twilight to this....


Don't know what it is about this postcard I found on this morning's edition of Post Secret, but this gal looks kind of familiar to me...


High Times

Me: Why would you EVER want to swallow a roach?
Andy: Well, I hate to throw them away, and you know, if I have to go into any sort of government building or something, I don't want to be carrying it around.
Mike: Yeah, usually when I'm going into a government building, I avoid getting high beforehand.

If you see something, say something.

Phrase of the week:
Meat Finger.


Jimmy Fallon's parody of the hills was actually surprisingly good....but maybe only if you're a dork like me who actually watches the show...


I am totally obsessed with this song all over! Thanks ESM!
After spending the day on the Mountain right behind the "Karma Wash" tent, surrounded by old school hippies in shiny flower pants and scantily clad flower children hoola hooping...watching the DMB crowd seems just so's making me rethink my devotion to "Two Step"

Mountain Jam V

Oh god am I glad I managed to rouse myself out of bed and trek up to Hunter Mountain yesterday! There is just no better feeling than dancing for hours in the sunshine, until your feet are cramped, and the sun goes down! I remember sitting in a chair at one point, looking around, and wondering how I got to be so blessed to be surrounded by such geographical and human beauty. Then one of the boys knocked me out of that very chair, by charging full speed and engulfing me in a bear hug. Ah well...

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