Saturday Night

Avoided the antics of Halloween in Tivoli with our own Annie Hall-o-ween.  And had a much better time!


This sucks!

Oh the irony!  So all of the shows I WANTED to buy tickets to this last week, but didn't...were all postponed.  The one show I DID buy tickets to?  That one went off with out a hitch, and we had to miss it due to work.  And now I'm out $90.  Bah!

Today Show

The Today Show films, in real time, in NYC.  So why are Kathie Lee and Hoda always drinking wine during their 10am show?  It's disturbing.

Thanksgiving's coming

Early morning rustling turned out to be a Turkey falling out of the tree in the front yard.  Where AM I?


Sliding Doors

Oh god, so last night we watched Hot Tub Time Machine (which is kind of ridiculous).  And so I had a dream involving time space continuum...where my current self came across an alternate self, in a rather compromising situation.  I then spent the rest of the time trying to hide from the alternate self so as to not disrupt her reality as well as my own.  Couple that up with dreaming about being attacked by an endless onslaught of bears, and needless to say, it was a long night!


It sounds like the gardener's grinding rocks outside my window right now and it's PISSING ME OFF!!!!


I miss Cape Cod

And this night...


For lunch, I'm eating smoked salmon that the boy caught and we learned how to smoke ourselves.
For dinner, I'm braising pheasant that another friend shot last week
20 year old Lindsay would never have hung out with 30 year old Lindsay!  I love it!


Fall Bounty

Making an apple pie to take to what I can only imagine will be an amazing venison dinner cooked by a dear friend.  The house smells amazing!


Executing the Rainy Day Couch Curl

Hauled out the big guns...down comforter, favorite pillow, barrage of girl movies.   Snuggle time on the couch with my boys - minus the human one :( .  I love days like this!

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