Citizen Cope - Sideways Music Video

I've probably posted this song many times before....but it remains a favorite. I've got plans for this one! :)



Spicy V8, Sriracha, and a splash of worcestershire sauce, on ice, drank through a straw....does the trick of its alcoholic cousin!


Too Tired...

Guess I never took my contacts out last night when I went to bed, so this morning, was very concerned to find only a right one in the case. Put it on, and everything went wonky. Took it out, and realized I could see BETTER...d'oh! After ruling out a miracle, I figured out what had happened. no wonder when I looked out the window this morning I was taken aback by how lush and rain forest like Mike's backyard is!
Had strange dreams though...dreamt I was so thirsty I chugged a container of half-n-half (which still makes me feel queezy just thinking about); Mike and Hazel were getting along again, and hanging out like best buds at one of our bbqs; and then the Tivoli Water Tower caught on fire and began spreading through the town, and I had to figure out how to get through the fire to my house to save the boys.
This was just one of many vivid, specific dreams I've been having recently. Who needs acid? I just fall asleep and trip!


Pretending I'm 16 again

listening to Ani's Dilate and losing myself. I've finally found my lobster...


John Butler Trio - Ocean

Central Park-Tonight! So Excited!


And the conga line just won't stop!

Celebrating with Alex and Claire


The Birthday Train

just keeps rollin' along! Happy Birthday Kyle!
Photos via Barnstorm



Favorite song, covered by my favorite band, on a favorite night that I barely remember.....with my favorite people!


A Golden Ticket

for Dave fans, and I missed it for "ecstatic" dancing to Gov't Mule....toss up!

I love me some Stevie

Dave Matthews Band - Rhyme & Reason (Live 2000)

I remember being 15 and on a camping trip with my parents. They asked what was in my walkman that I'd been listening to so religiously the entire trip up to the Adirondacks. The asked to listen to it. My uber christian mother heard this song...out of the entire album...and for the next 3 years assumed I was suicidal. Gotta love Jesus!


30 has been awesome!  I have to say.  J is turning 30 in August, and having the usual trepidation.  But I assured him, 30 has been phenomenal!  This summer is going to rock!  Festivals, amazing concerts, free tickets to summerstage, a steady stream of work that pays really well...the over all happiness level is pretty much a 10 at this point!  Now if I could just get my head to leave my head alone...


This weekend there were 2 Lindsays on the mountain.  Saturday morning, my phone rang, and it was Mike.  He was standing 10 feet away.  He asked what I was up to.  I responded, enthusiastically "I'm at Mountain Jam dude!"  He responded "Where you been?"  I said, "Ummmm....I'm right next to you!  These are weird questions."  He looked around, saw me, and realized he'd called the wrong Lindsay. 
Tonight, I got two emails from A.  The first a picture of him in high school with the caption "Your wish is my command".  Then immediately after a retraction, saying sorry, sent you the wrong email, followed by a series of pictures of the OTHER Lindsay. 
How all  of these Mikes and Pats work through the world on a daily basis is beyond me!

College Daze


Fire on the Mountain

1 friend detained for illegal substances.
1 friend poked in the eye with a tree branch, and forced to wear an eye patch the remainder of the weekend..
1 15 minute violent rain shower passed by huddling underneath a tiny umbrella with Mikey.

72 consecutive hours of dancing, laughing, and love.
2 feet, legs, hips and arms that for the next 12 hours will be paralyzed in sleep/recovery.


Wacky Wednesday

I had a surreal day.  I bought my first tent, a fantastic fleece, a dry bag, a headlamp, and a water bottle.  I felt very woodsy and survivalist, until I shared my scores with T, and his response was "So everything YOU need for a walk home from the bar."  Booo....
Went back to trivia for the first time in a semester (hate that I still measure my life in those...damn Bardie friends), when the woman who lives below me comes up all excited to "finally run into me at the bar".  I do not like that people that live around me know my haunts.  She was even hanging out with people I know!  Perhaps its weird, but when i come crashing back home on my bike in the middle of the night, I don't want the people that are my neighbors to know where I've been.  Plus she asked about the night the cops were called and came to my front door. Fortunately, she got MUCH more drunk on the Swan's cheap white wine, than I did on my half pints of Organic Ale.  Her name's Stephanie, and I think she wants to be friends.  I have not decided if this is a good thing or not.

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