Setting up a new/old computer seems more trouble than it's worth! Anybody know how to bypass the administrator, when the administrator can't remember their password?



Is it weird how very much I want a pair of tube socks to top off my outfit right now?

Good Day Mate!

Coffee (which I haven't had in WEEKS it feels)
Buttered English Muffin
Cottage Cheese

All at 7:30 am on a MONDAY? Must've gone mad!


dum da dum

Guess I didn't really take it that seriously when the term "slow cooker" was used. Seriously....Sloooooow cooking chicken cacciatore. But hey, the wine's already open for the recipe anyway right?
Looking forward to a night of Pirates of the Carribean 2 on the couch with my boy....
Just watched Rent two days in a row. Well, today it was more on for just background noise while I was cooking. But last night definitely watched, and definitely sobbed...first through the movie, and then through the two hour documentary on the 2nd disc about Jonathan Larson's life and journey to create this cultural phenomenon....only to have it end in his death on Opening Night.
I need to get back into theater. Kept me awake until almost 6am reworking my resume in my head, and plotting who to distribute it to...


Damn Brits

I've been immersing my self in British culture the last two days between the books I've been reading and the odd tv shows I've been watching via netflix...and it's starting to affect my brain and speech patterns! It's a very strange feeling....


HIS tory was made

It was a historical day. Plans were changed. He was phenomenal. A new crush was born!
I <3 Obama like never before!


Oh to know then what I know now....

Today, roughly, marks the one year anniversary of this fantastic presence in my life! I say roughly because I know it was the Sunday of the last playoff game before the superbowl...and that is today!
In any case, it was the last playoff game Sunday, as usual there was a crowd in the basement of the mansion. I was running late, having had to stop off at the store and pick up all the food (which noone has STILL ever paid me back for btw...) Anyway, so I arrive late, to find Stewie sitting at the island with this really cute, crew cut guy! Before I get an intro (as per usual) the attention shifted to my loaded grocery bags, and the impending poker game. Cute crew cut guy, sorta stood off from the crowd with a quiet smile and a beer, deciding not to join in on the hoopla of the testosterone rapidly filling the room. He took a seat next to Stew, and I kept hearing him be referred to as Phelpsie. Everyone seemed to know him, but I had never seen him before...only knew the name as a familiar surname of our neighbors growing up. The chatter eventually subsided while the game got underway, this adorable "Phelpsie" not participating but ever watchful around the room. Finally, after enough courage inducing ingestion, I sat down next to this new guy and asked if he was in fact of the same family that had grown up mere footsteps from my own childhood home. He confirmed and was pretty shocked to meet a fellow Stanfordvillian, not to mention one SO close to home!
He soon after left for home, and I continued on my smitten ways, not knowing that the groundwork had just been laid for the following year of romance, adventure, laughter, drama, travels, tears, education, friendship...and so much more!
I Love Ya Squinty!!!!!!



I just found out that a sig. part of my life is having a baby with his new wife. It's been years...but a tiny part of me still began weeping for that sweet boy who used to sing Goo Goo Dolls songs to me in the back of the sports bus, and that young man who stood on a tropical shore and told me he'd love me forever as I flew off back home, leaving him behind.


The One Where I Spit it All Out

I am a bad mom. After romping through town and memory lanes last night, I struggled into the house carrying my bag, keys and a blender (more about that later) all the while my hands were turning to pretty solid blocks of ice. After running HOT water over them for about 3 minutes to thaw, I set about to hunker down and eat me some cold spaghetti....when I hear this frantic scratching and crying near the front door.
What tha...?
I get up to find Hairy Mon, huddled in the now wide open front door looking at me desperately. Realizing in my haste to thaw my extremities, I must have not shut the door completely, so I scooched him back in, and shut the door, then it struck me. Nobody likes the adventure of an open door more than poor comb-over! So I bundled up, all set for a midnight search through the condos. Thankfully, whether from the cold or fear or Hairy Mon's watchful eye, he managed to only make it halfway down the stairs.
Thank G-!

Onto the blender. Mikey and I are juicing. Yup. Juicing. 15 pounds of carrots. That's how much it takes to keep merely ONE person in fresh juice every morning for 5 days. Mikey likes his with lemon, ginger and parsley. I prefer celery and apples. I am taking it a step further by adding the addition of my most favorite soy smoothies to the afternoon routine as well. Which requires a blender. Which I do not have. Yet. And so enter in our Stimulus Purchase from waaaay back in May...a few frozen bananas pinched from the freezer....and my newly gifted Honey from my Honey....and we're in business!

Now, poor Miss Emy has frozen pipes...yet again! After I awoke in fear that my own water would be inoperable, seeing as the delinquent status of my water bill (Which should be paid ASAP BTW). My boyfriends MIA, hopefully at work, and not frozen in the woods somewhere, though I AM starting to worry! And I think I'm going to learn to knit this year! Jamie's kindly offered to teach, and I need something to do with my hands besides hit refresh on my FB home page all day!


Some Good News

On a brighter note! Finally got my computer to stop going to that dreadful blue screen where it threatened to dump all of my physical memory every 1/2 hour! Oh yes, it was a FUN morning! Right between Mikey's sinus infection and me finding out my rent check bounced! BIG fun!

What Dreams May Never Show Up!

Last night, I dreamt that my ex moved into Mike's house with his two kids and wife, and his wife's entire immediate family. At first it was to be for a very brief stay while B) worked on a job...and at first it was only to be B). But by the end the whole family had moved in and were taking advantage of Mike and I, and when I sat B) down and asked when exactly he planned on getting out of there, he simply shrugged and said they had nowhere to go.
Mike and I were cleaning up dirty diapers, and tripping over one another trying to keep his tiny cottage presentable, while they all lolled around doing nothing.
It was strange.
And I HATE when I dream about B)! Mucks me up for weeks!



There is probably no greater feeling than pressure washing all of the salt, dirt and grime off of your car in the winter time.

Until your windows freeze up solid because you're an idiot and decided to PRESSURE WASH your car in teen range temperatures!

Flash Backs

Last night I had one of those scary single girl moments, coupled with a flashback to toddler-dom!
You see, the boys had been tearing ass around the apartment from the moment I got home late Tuesday night. And I mean running like flames were coming out of their butts. In all the excitement, I guess the water bowl got spilled.
Fast forward to a buzzed Mama making her way towards her bubbling reheated spaghetti, when suddenly I slipped on the water, and my senses were just dulled enough that I made no effort to catch myself, and body slammed down onto the linoleum (you're welcome noisey lady downstairs!)
After checking to make sure all of my teeth were still intact, my initial response was to begin crying in that "I can't believe this just happened to me-where's my mom?" sorta way. I wasn't hurt. And ultimately, I didn't cry...but I definitely had that instinctual response of immediately wanting my mom.



Ok, so in those few precious moments I got sleep last night, I had the most OUTRAGEOUS dream, and if I only possessed more talent for play/screenwriting, I'd be pecking this out as we speak.
Ok, so here's the deal, I was married to him:

But then at the same time, this man was my lover:

They knew about each other, and I felt pretty strongly towards both of them, not wanting to make a choice. The husband didn't care, but the lover wanted an answer. In any case, the three of us? We were con-artists. We'd focus on manipulating little girls to con their family. not kidnapping per-say. We used this little black terrier type dog to distract the girls who were walking larger dogs, and then steal the home info off of her dogs collar. I'm not quite sure how much sense it made, but the chemistry was off the charts! So you better believe that when I was awoken in the middle of the night with the slight hand on the ass move...I was ready for action!



You got any lightbulbs?

I just got:
1 Magnum of wine
1 container of Parmesan cheese (the real stuff...not the stuff in the green can)
2 bottles of Ginger Ale

All for EXACTLY $15! Phew! Just made it in under budget. Only now totally regretting the Kippered Herring I had for lunch....hence the Ginger Ale! :(

Mistaken Identity

I suppose maybe I should see my family more often when my aunt looks across the table at Mikey and asks him how his sailing business is going!


Sans Pants

Sometimes movies without pants are the best kind.

Right side Up

Been having all of these phenomenal dreams, that I wake up longing to post, and then forget. Guess working does that. (Pencils now have new meaning.) Sober life leads to many pre sleep thoughts that seem brilliant at the time. After thoughts...not so much. Watching movies that make me weep. PMS is in clear sight. Sometimes alone brings out the strongest emotions. Living the same life I had this time last year, just all is reversed...and finally right side up.


Up at 7am

Time to work. A job. Leaving the house for a full 8 hours. Talking to people other than those in T-Town and my furry friends. Mike so excited for me to bring something more to the table than internet soundbites. Didn't sleep well. Way too cold in the upstairs bedroom. And then walkway covered in smooth ice. The Mazda's surface suddenly 3-dimensional.
Time to work. Coffee. Lots. No more drinking during the day. Tho I have always ascribed to the belief that there are only three excuses to drink in daylight hours:
Special occasion or Holiday
Time to work. I've delayed too long. And now I'm out of cottage cheese....


Wilderness Family Phelps

Last night, as I lay blissfully sandwiched between The Man and Francis, both snoring away, my meditative state was shattered by a short howl. A dog, I thought. The neighbor's dog, left out in this freezing cold. It was followed by yet another howl. Poor guy, I thought. I really hope they bring him in soon though. Shortly afterward high pitched yipping joined the howl. And suddenly I knew this was no neighbor's dog. A pack of coyotes had trapped something in the field not 100 yards from the very window I was now trying to squint out of. I admit, I'm a country girl at heart. But in 22 years of living in the sticks, I've honestly never heard coyotes. The sound, at first was chilling, but as it persisted, another layer of noise joined in. A hissing. A feline hissing. I looked at Francis, still smiling away in dream land (he really is the cutest cat ever!) And then I heard the sound that will probably never leave me. It was the definite scream of a large cat. A VERY large cat! This was no house cat. I'm assuming, judging by the quick retreat after this scream which was followed by a second, that our poor little coyotes' party had been interrupted by our elusive Mountain Lion friend who lives in the area. Calm quickly resumed after that. And as I looked between my two boys both curled around me, I could not BELIEVE neither had heard ANY of it...and knew they (well, Mike) would never believe me! Shoot!


Super Peppi!

Rest in Peace my sweet little Pepito.

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