Grin and bear it!



The dreams have changed.  Now, in the end, I win.  I'm not sure what that means...


I was meant for the movies

Missing the Mountains

Every once in awhile I get the mixture just right, and my morning coffee tastes like sipping it fireside in the mountains.  Today is one of those days.  It's a good thing!


I went to the store and spent almost $20 on cat treats, toys, and stimulants for my three boys.  The thing they were most excited to see walk through the door?  The giant bag Santa Fe sends their take-out home in.  The Old Guy and Hairy Mon are currently BOTH sitting inside of it, pretending the other one's not there.  Don't worry guys!  Mom's having enough fun for everybody with this nifty light up ball!

Gorgeous weather has settled in, meaning today was cleanup day on the balcony.  This lead to the realization that my outside space does not match my inside space, and so two hours were spent looking for upgrades.  I'm thinking a trip to the second hand stores is in order tomorrow!  Sweet!  But, with all this patio research...I now want a giant blue stone pool to put all of this gorgeous stufff around!

Amazon Woes

Oh, one should not online shop when drunk....especially when one has lived in multiple place with very similar addresses.  To whomever lives in my old apartment in Rhinebeck, I hope you appreciate the DVDs...


It's only 11:46 wha?  Feels so much later....I had my doors open for the first time today, and I've already spent the last 5 hours battling with mosquitoes.  Or maybe its just one, very shifty, mosquito....

Pictures perhaps to follow

Attempting my own thin crust prosciutto and pear pizza with carmelized onions...this is why I should own a rolling pin...

What a day....

Worked until 8pm on a gorgeous pre-spring afternoon.  Went to three atms just trying to get money for the toll to get back across the bridge, all the while fighting a personally set deadline of getting home in time to order sushi and fall asleep on the couch.  Achieved said deadline, only to wake up at midnight...desperate for tea.  Now, drinking boiling hot ginger lemon tea, hoping to cut through the shooting pains in my throat.  But Kelly from The Office is on Letterman, and I love her!



Nobody can beat rabies...


When signs are as blatant as these, I am a dumb dumb girl.


Guess I needed it

Went from not being able to sleep ever, to just now sleeping a total of 24 hours between 5am Friday and 11am Saturday. 
And have I mentioned how excited I got when filling out the 2010 census form, that I could put down I was 29 by just ONE DAY!  After all, they asked how old you would be on April 1, 2010....Not April 2nd, which would, in fact, be a huge difference!   :)


Thursday night shenanigans

Drinking wine
Singing Patsy Kline
Waiting for a boy to come over...

Is it 2001?

Grey Quotes

Grey's has been full of all sorts of fun lines the past few weeks:

"Your heart lives in your vagina"

I think that's my favorite...


Job perks

I do enjoy the fact that I can utilize my "lunch break" to get housekeeping done.  Just taking out all of the recyclables...makes it feel like a new house!

Maybe its the way the light hits you...

There's a lot of weird in my life right now.... woke up this morning and thought it was 2 years ago....



What a fantastic couple of days! So far, my decision to live it up for the last 30 days of my 20's has worked out pretty nicely! It feels like the world is waking up again after a very long winter. I know I am...



Today marks the beginning of 30 days to 30! Let the celebrations begin!
Tonight, dinner with my bestest buddy...

Saturday night in T-Town

Just another

Woke up with a horrible headache

This helped...


Geometric Seasons


Taking this herbal supplement to sleep better.  Works great, but was hesitant because of the side effects everyone warned about...that of crazy dreams and such.  I was anticipating something along the lines of some sort of nocturnal subconscious psychotropic experience.  I guess.  What I've come to realize is that I already have crazy vivid I can just get to having them easier!


Thesaurus Thumbing

Searching for a synonym for "sneaky", and so found my new telling favorite::
Clandestine: characterized by, done in, or executed with secrecy or concealment, esp. for purposes of subversion or deception; private or surreptitious
I don't get it, but it makes my dad giggle like a little kid, and THAT I love!

Bewitched reruns are back on TV!  Love the "good clean TV fun"!

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