I am so bored...
so bored...
starring at the computer screen....

Only hydroplaned once on my way into town this afternoon...yippee!!!!


You don't bring me flowers...

Its scary to think that all tangible evidence of our existence here in this lifetime is locked away in these black boxes we frantically type into and stare at all day. I used to write letters and send cards. Used to journal all of my thoughts and feelings. Now, I have no idea where that journal is, and have no written account of the last year and a half of my life.
Back when technology was not so immediate, I wrote everything down. Saved planners with significant dates written in. Wall calendars with circles and smiley faces reflecting good times. Now, its here, in this digital, censored record of the day to day. With out the text messages or emails, how will I ever remember, when I'm old, what the significance of a glance felt like? If this hard drive fails, or this url gets wiped out, there goes the neighborhood, and the memories it contains. When I'm 90 years old, will I still remember this night? Where a mere two took on the bar and beat the trivia score? Or the after hours sing-a-long, snuggled around the piano? When Fran ruined the piano by spilling the bottle of Jameson on it? How can I remind myself of the heartbreak that feels constantly at the ready? Or the excitement of feeling like I'm the verge of something huge?
My heart aches.


Kelly set me straight...crazy can TOTALLY smell crazy in this sense! Lets get Mushy!



So, eating Mushrooms at 1am seems like a good idea..lets see what happens!

For those of you following along...

Seu Jorge was just one more sign pointing towards Portugal....I'm thinking some serious research is in the works...


Well, this changes everything

Ya! Ve Spiegled fur Sarah's Birthday!

Then I got followed by a cop through the parking lot to my condo. And I was on FOOT! Hopefully he was checking out my ass, or was making sure I got home safely...


Holy Shit!



My dream/nightmare last night consisted of being sucked back into time during a slave uprising. I was placed within a slave home, and then they were raided by the whites...I was shot in the neck with a small bullet that barely broke the surface, and watched those around me being whipped and beaten, until I finally escaped to join a wiccan group situated outside the house to watch the "festivities" and to step in should things get too out of hand. Eventually, once the barricade between the slaves and the whites was finally broken down,flames began to consume those inside, the bloodshed was horrible, and so the wiccans and myself took off running until we came across a large hill with kids literally flying down it using pizza boxes as wings...we climbed to the top where Tim Voell handed me two box tops and a pair of stirrups fashioned together into a flying device, patted me on the back, and said go ahead, you're free!



Photos via Corrine


Oh boy....

Totally just freaked out over a completely self-fabricated situation...
And now I feel crazy...and relieved.


If I'm not careful, Jordan won't come to visit me anymore if every time I nearly kill him! Sorry Jojo!
Party was fun...though I feel like I've got a permanent layer of grim on my face! Ick!


Stoned Kitties

So, I have this secret game with "the Old Man". I figure he's not much longer for this world, since he's not doing so well health wise...and he loves catnip...yet when "Hairy Mon" gets high with him, he gets feisty, and disruptive, so "the Old Guy" has this favorite toy that he sleeps with, carries around, hides. while "Hairy Mon" is distracted by sleeping on the balcony, or performing his daily rounds of checking the corners for bugs or otherwise foreign objects, I dose the toy with catnip, so "Old Guy" can ride out his final days is a stoned bliss. He now knows what drawer the catnip is kept in though, and I know when he needs a fix because he opens it and pulls everything out from it. Maine Coons are a trip!


Outside revamping the balcony setup, when a damn bat flies into the house! At first I thought it was a hummingbird, until I realized that it was dark out, and its wings were way too big! Uck! I really don't like bats, and I really don't like them IN MY HOUSE! Luckily, my big bad Cash chased him right back out. But there was much confusion on all of our parts!
Sitting on my new yoga ball desk chair and loving it! Its a bit low, and I may not have inflated it enough...but it sure is fun!
OK, time to make the tuna...sesame crusted yellow tail with seasoned rice over field greens....I'm starving!

OK wait...

Franti, interviewing Butler, with Damien Rice performing Cannonball in the background? Wha?!?!

Musical Wet Dream

John Butler and Michael Franti at Southbound

The pairing of these two is like my musical nirvana!

I Want


This is ME


Open letter

Dear Drunk Girl Celebrating Her 23rd Birthday at the Bar...
When "Drunken Jesus" tells you that you maybe don't need to drink so should probably listen.
A Concerned Citizen

Are you fucking kidding me?


Travel Anxiety

The past few weeks, all angles of desire have pointed towards a trip to Portugal. And then, while doing a google search for stock images of "old Doors" this was the first image in the cache. Seems even the search engine gods are in on the deal. Align Center


Boys and their toys

I am so excited! For months I have been sans camera.
All I need is a battery.
But the battery is $40-$50.
And my camera's crap.
So why not just get a new one...the one you want...for $200?
And as soon as I'm about to hit checkout, a little voice speaks up and talks me out of it.
Thank goodness it did!
I'm getting the exact camera I want, for half price...
It was imperative that I be back in town this morning BEFORE 9 am. My check for my water bill had to be in that drop box no later! When the alarm went off at quarter to 6, there was no way I was moving! When Mikey left for work at 7:15...still no movement. Even though he offered to reset the alarm, I said no thanks, I'd be up in a few minutes...just stretching. Ha! As the front door shut for the last time, and Francis curled up next to me on the pillow, I remember my last words before drifting back off were "don't let me sleep past 8:45's gotta lotta stuff to do". And we were out. A bit later I wake up to Francis walking around the bedroom, crying his little head off. I roll over, glance at the alarm clock...8:59!!!! Thank god Mikey sets his alarm fast. I made it into town, and was just pushing the envelope through the slot as the town clerk was parking her car! Phew!

My Francis. My hero.


Much better weekend

After last weekend's 4 days of self imposed solitude and reflection...which I did greatly enjoy...this weekend totally kicked last weekend's ass!
A fabulous girl's day Friday with Sarah, Shellma and, sunning and sangria! Doesn't get any better! Friday night turned into a raucous party evening, with a great band at the pub, followed by a keg party in a horse barn, a soccer game in the indoor arena...a long walk home from the center of town.
Saturday was a fantastic day with Mikey, an early breakfast at the diner, with an afternoon of errands and grocery shopping, bbq and movie night, while watching the thunderstorms roll through.
Today, I took off on my own, a day of solitude, floating around Stissing Lake. Spotted a juvenile Blue Heron, who let me get as close as I was comfortable navigating into the weeds. Best of all, at the end of it, I finally figured out a way to get my boat back on top of my car, all by myself!
Now I need a shower, maybe a cocktail, and a wait for Mikey to come home from hiking and make me yummy crab cakes!



So this is what all those preppy catch phrase people mean by that! Just had the most relaxing three day "vacation" while never travelling more than 15 miles away...kayaking, good food, sunsets on the balcony...even played frisbee with a dog! Time to go back to recluse weekend lady...took out four dvds from the the miniseries made based on the Wizard of Oz with my eternal girl crush Zoe Deschanel! A couple books. Wine rack and liqour shelf is stocked. See ya Sunday! :)



Thai Mussels with Coconut, Lemongrass and Chili....with mango, banana, strawberry salad for dessert....I LOVE having my cooking buddy back home!
Ignore the stray drips on my stove...was lucky to even remember to take THIS picture after we inhaled everything.


Your Central Hudson E-Bill is now ready

These words in an email subject strike fear into my heart. Hallelujah for cool summer months though. A bill of $113 is less than the amount of my water bill...and I feel I can breathe a bit easier.
But the Central Air stays OFF!


Why is it that the one night I kind of have to stay up until 2 am, my body is bouncing between anxiety and exhaustion? I think its the cocktail of cold pills, ibuprofen (both taken to try and eliminate the allergies attacking my left eye) and weak ass coffee. Cleaning the house is proving to be therapeutic.
Kayaking with Shellma this afternoon felt so good...such a calm first stretch, the water was like glass...then some quick moving rapids to work up the heart rate, shoulder muscles and adrenaline. Only crashed into the rocks once, and made it up through on my second try! Shooting downstream backwards is not that enjoyable though!


Rothbury Update

Must stay awake until 10pm to watch Ani online....God am I kicking myself for not boning up and going to this festival!

Little House

Oh no! There is a new Little House on the Prairie mini series on the Hallmark channel right now...6 hours of Laura and Mary and Ma and Pa and Carrie? I've read these books so many times over the years....they're practically memorized! In fact, the last year, I've been inspired to read them yet again, through grown up eyes this time...however they seem to have disappeared between moves. I do think there may be one more box in the garage though....

Bark bark bark bark bark arrrrrrrr

Oh god! So it's 12:15am. I got home about 15 minutes ago from the insanity that is 4th of July at the pub, and I just want to curl on the couch and watch my Roseanne, drink my fancy fruit and malibu drink, and illegally down load music (kidding) yet Art's damn dog will NOT STOP BARKING!!!!!! Non stop. Bark bark bark...where the fuck is ART?!?! I saw him this evening. I've never noticed the dog barking before, not at this hour...
He stopped.
Back to business...


Festival Fireworks

Watching the local fireworks from the balcony, with the live feed of John Butler from Rothbury playing is surreal enough, but then to spot Mikey in the crowd, his white festival glasses standing out to me right away...I'd recognize that sway anywhere! Too funny!



Keep getting blow by blows...and just realized I can watch the whole thing online! Keeping an eye out for people I know! HAHA!


My how they GROW!

Gas to Rothbury = $200
Ticket for weekend camping = $275
Getting to spend all the uninterrupted time with baby Francis I can while his daddy spends all that other money? = priceless!

He's not my itty bitty kitty any more! But he'll still spend hours just sitting on mom's lap as long as I let him! What a lover!

The one in which I bitch....

I had too much coffee this morning, and its wreaking havoc on my system.
I'm done with work for the day, and now bored to tears...
My plans got canceled for the evening, and now am left with nothing to do...
It's raining, so outdoor activities are out...
My car's still not running well, so going anywhere is out...
I basically just want to go to sleep until about tuesday weekend my ass!


Directions to Rothbury

From Tokyo, Japan:
1: Check in at Narita International Airport
2: Get to the proper gate in a timely fashion
3: Board your aircraft traveling to Chicago O’Hare International Airport
4: Enjoy 3 meals and approximately 5 movies.
5: Exit your aircraft
6: Refer to Directions from Chicago
I just realized that my current living room is about the exact same size as the common room I had for my dorm in college. It may even be smaller!
Finally done with work for the day, and of course the sky goes black. And here comes the thunder!
Hope the guys don't hit too much weather on the way to Michigan!

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