Bored on Facebook II

While clicking through photos, struck with the undeniable urge to once again stand upon my Goodrich Stage. What I wouldn't give right now to stand stage right.

Getting psyched to explore that part of my life once more...

When did the seats turn blue?

Bored on Facebook


Facebook Finds

I know this is supposed to be a picture of an expectant mother gazing down at her unborn child while listening to her all time favorite band live, but what I see is an evil troll sneering at the camera while progressive metal plays in the background. (kind of blur your vision and watch the eyes)



The incense I bought today smells like my childhood. I vaguely remember these dolls I had that had a strange, random, perfumey smell. I like the nostalgia.


On the new Sex and the City movie...

It's like Twilight for the Anistons of the world. (

Is anyone else as excited as I am over the fact that with the introduction of 2010, it means idiots the world over are no longer able to wear those stupid 200X glasses on New Years?!?!!

(FYI-the irony is, I just had to spell check the word Stupid.....)


"I can't take my mind off of you..."


Dig it.

Growing up is all about learning to live without Santa the Enabler.


My best friend in the world's older sister was proposed to this weekend in the most amazing way. He flew up to San Francisco the week before they went for their annual Christmas trip. He carved the proposal into a tree in a hidden spot in golden gate park and flew back home the same night. She thought he was golfing all day.
How awesome is that?


Surprise Me

Surprise Me 44 from Wired Creative Video on Vimeo.

So innocent

Aren't they adorable? This picture does nothing to convey the fact that a mere 30 seconds earlier they were trying to kill each other!


Tylenol PM

You sir, are my new best friend!



to the real world she said to me...condescendingly.


Adventures in Veterinary Medicine

So, poor Maxie had to go to the dr today. Which meant he got to come to work with me, and spend 5 hours in a cage. :( Sweet Cash was so concerned when I bundled him up and put him in the crate. Max, of course, was less than enthused. Prompting the Dr and the Tech to hold me in very high regard that I apparently have managed to tame this beast! Oh yeah, he was a dick. Attacked them both...and then me when I finally came in to try and wrangle him. Thankfully they were both impressed with my hidden talent of cat restraints, and I think I've earned back some respect after such stupid questions as "Where does the stamp go on a post card?".
Very happy that the weather cooperated and Saturday was sunny, while Sunday was snowy and cozy. Of course, now that the Champagne formal's done...bring on the spring!



the irony is

that this is my most played song on Itunes....yet it touches sooo many bases.

Tufted Lawn

no comment

Its an Aussie

stoner dance party over here in the Gardens...

This solidifies it...

I belong in Australia......

See, I often wonder

if my neighbors know that while I play this music

at unbearable hours, at inconsiderate decibels...that the whole time I'm reading celebrity blogs.


So maybe I am a sucker for a melodic song written in my key...but this song makes me cry.


I downloaded this whole

album last night, because I fell in love with this song...but turns out, it may just be a bit hard core for me.

If I have a kid...

I'm totally dressing it up like an ewok...all the time!

See how cute?!?!!


Haha! My friend Erik made this video...and I think its hilarious!


This has been a very strange weekend...


A Tribute to Monkey Butt

Today, a kitty cat reminded me of you...and I realized that tomorrow it will mark the third anniversary of your death, as well as the birthday of the man who nicknamed you...
You still live on in my living room, in your tiny tin box...and in the tin box of my heart you will forever live on. I love you Munchy! Ever the Glamour Girl!

Today, while counting pills...

I gutterally missed you.

Just thought you should know.

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