Oh god!

I just overhead the woman I work with asking someone on the phone if the Atlantic coast was on "our side or the other side" of the country....




I have to say this whole Occupy Wall Street Campaign has actually made me feel a bit better about myself and my own economics.  Though the stress of working constantly, yet still being broke has taken a larger toll than I ever imagined, and now I can feel it eating away at my health...which is a precious commodity to begin with as I can't afford to have health insurance on top of all my other luxuries like water and electricity!  The fact that a single paycheck barely covers my rent has made me realize that it is time to face the facts.  I fought a good fight trying to stay out of my parents' house, but it just no longer seems plausible in this economy.  The allure of being able to pay for gas to get to work just seems too brilliant at this point.  I hate feeling like I'm admitting defeat.  Didn't I used to live on just as much 4 years ago?  True, my rent has risen maybe $20 since then...but I just can't imagine that 4 years ago I was making less than I do now, yet making more ends meet.  I admit defeat.


Big changes need to come, and fast.  It's time to gather up this life and move on.


Woodland Wonderland

Ever wonder...

what your ex may be up to? 
I can probably guarantee its not as weird as mine.

Oh how the tides do change...


Good weekend

Great weekend.
Antique shopping-mexican dining-friend visiting-pool playing-wallet saving-maple bacon cooking-hooley drinking-late night bicycle racing-burger making-great kind of weekend-weekend.
Great weekend.


New favorite lunch

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, capers, arugula and a dash of sriracha on french bread.  Don't know why I've been bothering with fancy boutique bought sandwiches.  They never live up to the hype.


Bridal Duties

Tough choices

I have fallen in love and it hurts because in my heart I know it's just not meant to be.  It's 900sq ft in the Stockade district with two fireplaces, and granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances, and tin ceiling, and grandness beyond all grandness.  It's nothing I ever imagined I would want, yet everything I've always needed.  Its gorgeous!  And it's about $150 out of my price range at the moment.  :(  Now the question, do I haul ass and figure out a way to make this magnificent piece of property mine?  Or realize that it's just not meant to be, and keep moving on?



"These are only temporary anyway" he said as he finished hanging the final (of 4) set of blinds that took a total of 2 hours and countless dropped and lost screws, to get up.

I looked down at the 12 year old, tobacco stained, dusty, once white $4 curtain that had miraculously made the cut in the move.  The once temporary coverings, that the $4 cheap plastic blinds were now replacing.  I smiled up at his proud, self satisfied face on the ladder.

"Of course babe, totally only temporary".


This just got serious...

It's not a big secret that I already have an uncontrollable problem with hot chocolate.  But this just made everything 100x worse!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate
2 cups skim milk
1½ ounces bittersweet chocolate
1½ ounces milk chocolate
3 tablespoons creamy peanut butter
Heavy cream, whipped to soft peaks, for serving

Preparation Instructions
In a medium saucepan over low heat, warm milk until it just begins to simmer and bubbles form around the edge of the pan. Whisk in chocolates and peanut butter until melted and smooth. Cover and continue warming over low heat until warm. For a thicker cup of cocoa, simmer hot chocolate uncovered until desired thickness is achieved. Ladle hot chocolate into individual mugs and top a dollop of whipped cream.


A Sick Love

I can hardly speak, and he can hardly hear.  We are quite the pair!

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