Bored on Facebook II

While clicking through photos, struck with the undeniable urge to once again stand upon my Goodrich Stage. What I wouldn't give right now to stand stage right.

Getting psyched to explore that part of my life once more...

When did the seats turn blue?

Bored on Facebook


Facebook Finds

I know this is supposed to be a picture of an expectant mother gazing down at her unborn child while listening to her all time favorite band live, but what I see is an evil troll sneering at the camera while progressive metal plays in the background. (kind of blur your vision and watch the eyes)



The incense I bought today smells like my childhood. I vaguely remember these dolls I had that had a strange, random, perfumey smell. I like the nostalgia.


On the new Sex and the City movie...

It's like Twilight for the Anistons of the world. (

Is anyone else as excited as I am over the fact that with the introduction of 2010, it means idiots the world over are no longer able to wear those stupid 200X glasses on New Years?!?!!

(FYI-the irony is, I just had to spell check the word Stupid.....)


"I can't take my mind off of you..."


Dig it.

Growing up is all about learning to live without Santa the Enabler.


My best friend in the world's older sister was proposed to this weekend in the most amazing way. He flew up to San Francisco the week before they went for their annual Christmas trip. He carved the proposal into a tree in a hidden spot in golden gate park and flew back home the same night. She thought he was golfing all day.
How awesome is that?


Surprise Me

Surprise Me 44 from Wired Creative Video on Vimeo.

So innocent

Aren't they adorable? This picture does nothing to convey the fact that a mere 30 seconds earlier they were trying to kill each other!


Tylenol PM

You sir, are my new best friend!



to the real world she said to me...condescendingly.


Adventures in Veterinary Medicine

So, poor Maxie had to go to the dr today. Which meant he got to come to work with me, and spend 5 hours in a cage. :( Sweet Cash was so concerned when I bundled him up and put him in the crate. Max, of course, was less than enthused. Prompting the Dr and the Tech to hold me in very high regard that I apparently have managed to tame this beast! Oh yeah, he was a dick. Attacked them both...and then me when I finally came in to try and wrangle him. Thankfully they were both impressed with my hidden talent of cat restraints, and I think I've earned back some respect after such stupid questions as "Where does the stamp go on a post card?".
Very happy that the weather cooperated and Saturday was sunny, while Sunday was snowy and cozy. Of course, now that the Champagne formal's done...bring on the spring!



the irony is

that this is my most played song on Itunes....yet it touches sooo many bases.

Tufted Lawn

no comment

Its an Aussie

stoner dance party over here in the Gardens...

This solidifies it...

I belong in Australia......

See, I often wonder

if my neighbors know that while I play this music

at unbearable hours, at inconsiderate decibels...that the whole time I'm reading celebrity blogs.


So maybe I am a sucker for a melodic song written in my key...but this song makes me cry.


I downloaded this whole

album last night, because I fell in love with this song...but turns out, it may just be a bit hard core for me.

If I have a kid...

I'm totally dressing it up like an ewok...all the time!

See how cute?!?!!


Haha! My friend Erik made this video...and I think its hilarious!


This has been a very strange weekend...


A Tribute to Monkey Butt

Today, a kitty cat reminded me of you...and I realized that tomorrow it will mark the third anniversary of your death, as well as the birthday of the man who nicknamed you...
You still live on in my living room, in your tiny tin box...and in the tin box of my heart you will forever live on. I love you Munchy! Ever the Glamour Girl!

Today, while counting pills...

I gutterally missed you.

Just thought you should know.


Uncomfortable Pick up Attempt

Him: So, what kind of music DO you like?
Me: Mostly reggae, jam band...electronica sort of stuff.
Him: So, you obviously smoke a lot of pot then.
Me: ...Why would you say that?
Him: Well, you like reggae music...
Me: I gotta go.


Really Monday? Really?

Dealt with so many bitchy clients this morning....and of course I JUST missed Fed Ex driving away from my house with my debit card tucked safely away within its doors. Blargh!!!!


It is not a good sign....

It is not a good sign, when your phone rings and you pray it's a bill collector...rather than the same client who has been calling every half hour since 8 am!

Daydream Believin'

I hate when the subconscious world fucks with the conscious one!


Tuna melt on sesame crisp bread with smoked gouda......mmmmm


Christine (upon hearing many stories about Tivoli) "So you mean to tell me that she's got Nathalie Merchant, Norah Jones, a Mansion, the pub and a $60 bottle of wine...and we've been having girl's night at YOUR house for the last three years?!?!"


No work tomorrow means Lindsay gets to play tonight!

I don't care what I say about the last concert I went to...Dave's voice still gives me chills....


Is it wrong that after coming home to find my teenie tiny high school was on the news for a hostage/gunman situation, and going through all the photos online...the first thought that comes to mind is "Damn I grew up in a town full of ugly people!"
Everyone's ok by the way...I'm came to the game late in the day.



I think I need to start leaving post-its next to my bed at night, so when i wake up I know what day it is, when I need to get up, and what I have to do. This whole early morning confusion thing is getting old....



Oh my god! Morphine at the pub tonight was off the chart! It was amazing to have these songs I love so much recreated in my very own second home. Nickerson outdid himself with this one! Can't wait until tomorrow night!!!!!


Thursday night

with wine and my medical dramas...helping to make the weird wear away.

And now I'm off to declog my shower drain...we run hard here!


I had a dream

about ordering pancakes in a diner...
So I made them for breakfast!
And then remembered I don't really like pancakes.


Day 2 of my new 14 hour work day schedule. So far so good!
Unfortunately, the rest of my world seems to feel so vastly different from 4 days ago. I just want to go back to normal!


Not sure why

Maybe its stress, or hormones, but for some reason, the Alicia Keyes portion of this song keeps making me cry....

New tricks

For the last two days I have woken up to find Hairy Mon asleep on the top of my kitchen cabinets. I am not very happy about this new development.


Started my new job today...further emphasizing my cat person mentality...aside from a few exceptions. Now we wonder onto Halloween costumes. Do you think Lion tamer makes sense if I bring Cash around with me? And how exactly do I implement that?



What part of "I have the flu" don't you mofos understand?!?! Think of it as like, I actually work IN your office....if I had the flu, would I be there that day?!?! NO! So, just because I work from home, does NOT mean I feel like being woken up from my fever sleep every two hours to find something for you! Grrrrr......The phone, it's going off!


John Krasinski

As if I didn't have a big enough crush on him from The Office? "Away We Go" did nothing to help sweet.
Got inexplicably harassed by a supposed "multi-millionaire" at the bar tonight. One who just wouldn't take no for an answer. He was giant and sweaty and very drunk. A supposed "engineer" at The Met. My first time out in almost two weeks...and it was not a great welcome back! Very grateful for the giant Danish man whose always at my side! He stepped it up tonight, and I was definitely appreciative!


I want...



What are the "leading department stores" that apparently sell such crappy makeup that $5 drugstore finds are so much better?

We have an extremely rare occurrence brewing over here (no, not the ladybugs). My jade plant actually might bloom this year! This phenomenon is so very rare in really old plants, and unheard of in those as young as mine! But just a few days ago I noticed the telltale buds emerging. There's only about three clusters so far...but it's very exciting!

They're coming to get us!

Ladybugs have swarmed my house. It's like something out of a horror film! They're crawling all over my windows and doors, the balcony is covered in about a thousand of them and they're coming in through the opening around the door. I feel like things are crawling on me and I just collected 15 in a jar.
Ladybugs in a singular instance...not so bad. This? Gah!
Don't know why this makes me smile...but it does!


Antgone Rising

Now the long blade of the sun, laying level east to west, touches with glory Thebes of the Seven Gates
Now, imagine 18 year old Musical Theater background Lindsay, in her first college theatrical experience...wearing homemade moccasins, a gunny sack and breath constricting mask, banging a walking stick and having the time of her life!


Every little thing is gonna be alright

Just read this post tonight, and should I ever be in that same life pattern, I TOTALLY want to have the exact same exchange with my own little girl!

God that's GORGEOUS!

So, I finished Into Thin Air, and am officially obsessed! Not with the climb itself, but with the height, the atmosphere, the photos, the stories.

Next on the shelf? The Oedipus Cycle. Time to get back to my Sophoclean roots!
Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned

William Butler Yeats
"The Second Coming"


First snowfall of the season tonight?
Sounds like a wonderful night in my newly redesigned apartment with Red wine, chilli and Grey's Anatomy. Hopefully a much better end to an otherwise bleak day.

RIP NanNan

Its been an emotional few days. But now I have a project to keep me occupied...redoing my entire apartment to make room for all the "new" stuff I got. Details to come on what's up for grabs...


Oh GOD! Yes Please!

"What I want is James Brolin in Amityville Horror, minus the horror. A guy with a beard who can swing an ax."
January Jones in People Magazine


Following some of my friends' posts who are moms makes me confused. Were there all these things like play groups and toddler music classes and "my gyms" when I was little? So far as I can remember there were the neighborhood kids, bike riding, swing sets, and eventual nursery school. Did I miss out on some sort of socialization prep? That could kind of explain a lot.....


Huckleberry Point

Had an a-MAZ-ing time hiking this afternoon with the girls!! Felt so much better outside, in the cold air. Found an awesome camping spot. Worked my legs and my lungs, and forgot about all the stress and sadness.
Thanks so much to Rob for the tip!


Guess its just been a Kelly Clarkson kinda day!
Remember all those things we wanted?
Now all those memories they're haunted.
Cause we were always meant to say goodbye.


Tomorrow at 3

I finally finally FINALLY have a real live job interview tomorrow. Not a freelance part-time unstable gig. An actual full time/salary/benefits responsibility. Ahhhh! Time to break out the business wear again!




My friend is a 911 operator, he just got this call in:

911 whats your emergency: Yes, the weed man stole my phone.
ME: The who? The WEED man?
Caller: Yes, you know the guy thats sells marijuana, he's white.
Me: Are you serious? The weed man stole your phone?
Caller: yes, can you send an officer?


Stereo flashback

Umphrey's McGhee...Mountain Jam 2008..."Ether really IS the best drug for Vegas"

Really People? Really?

So after a long night of restless sleep and a dream that lasted all night long...I awoke at 6:15 to the sounds of a car engine refusing to turn over. The driver was relentless though! For the next hour and a half he tried and tried and tried...finally gave up.



I think the "old Man" is slipping away. I sent out the family email tonight asking where he should be laid to rest, and who wants to see him one more time. So ironic with whats happening with my own final matriarch. Turns out making final arrangements for a kitty can be just as complex...


"God! Sometimes my very being misses you...."


The irony of today's activities were not lost on me...
Spending the day going through old photos of "Face"
Then there being a team at trivia named Face....
Perspectives were brought to the forefront!

(Click on image for larger size)

Remember Friendster?

Yeah, neither did I. Until I got a notification email from them today, so I decided to look myself up. The page was like a time capsule to my life with JR. It was a nice walk down memory lane...

Align Center
No matter how far apart we are, this photo will always make me smile...and swoon :)

Possible Change of Tides

Very excited about the possibilities that lay here. Who'd have thunk that capoiera could possibly change so many aspects of my life so greatly! Guess I'm hooked!




These look good....I LOVE Chicken Cordon Bleu!
I like the image of you sitting on my couch.


My toes are cold. Have to figure out a way to break up the day between sitting here at this desk and moving around, to keep the blood moving, and keep the heat low this winter.
In my dream you moved away.
And I wasn't sad about it.



She may be over the top and strange...but I do love her!



Went through and cleared out about half of my bookmarks. Links that I haven't checked in probably years, or have been broken just as long. The internet feels so much lighter now that I no longer have to scroll down to find my favorite sites!


Brain Defection

I've been having such vivid dreams recently. Perhaps its because I've made the decision to turn the tv off and open a book in order to fall asleep in a peaceful manner rather than to the sounds of Rosanne Barr? In any case...This first instance of this was a dream involving the pub. Apparently someone was pumping hallucinogens through the air, and before anyone realized it we were all tripping and laughing and wasted. Not even able to stand up. Then the usual cast of characters began transforming before my very eyes into faces of the past. Taun into my friend Andrew, my present day mother into the father of my childhood...Weird.
But then this morning was very nice. B) came to visit my dreams once again, and I always like when he shows up! Mornings like these, crisp and cool, coffee and cream of wheat...they're the ones that make me nostalgic for him.
Ah fall....


I <3 VT

I have had a life changing three days. Three days alone in the mountains with my mother and Rick, and a life changing author.
When I was a child, my mother read and reread this series of books entitled Woodswoman. They were always laying around, the blonde woman smiling from the various covers in some form of watercraft with her german shepherds protectively by her side. I knew that this woman had helped to shape the dreams my mother had for what her life should be like, but never felt truly compelled to read them for myself.
Four or Five years ago, my mother had the honor of meeting this woman, studying with her, and eventually being invited to her remote Adirondack camp, (the location of my own mother wouldn't even share with me!) and help her to organize her thirty years of writings. This woman, Anne Labastille, has been my mother's hero for as long as I can remember, and so, Thursday night, fearing I wouldn't be able to fall asleep in the strange location, in the complete blackness and silence, I strapped on my headlamp, cracked open the first book and began formulating my own future desires!
I read the book in about 6 hours, finishing the second the following night in a mere three. And while I do not want to retrace her particular steps, (living on 22 acres in the depths of the Adirondack state park with only a boat and snowshoes to use as a way of getting out) as we worked hard in the sun today, cutting, moving, splitting and stacking wood...I realized I was more peaceful inside than I had been in years. My mother's two golden retrievers followed me for three days, carrying sticks and balls and begging for hugs. We spent the first night up at their remote mountain second home bbqing, smoking cigarettes and listening to the wildlife of owls, coyotes and moose. No cell phones, or tvs, or face book, and I loved it!
And so, last night, as we were sitting drinking coffee on the screened in porch watching the moon, my mother and Rick presented the idea of me moving up there. If only for a time.
"Six months!" Said my mother
"How about give it just one month" the ever wiser and level-headed Rick piped in.
And suddenly, a plan began to form. I want to go back to school. Its going to take money. Money I can not possibly save by continuing to pay rent, particularly on a place that I begin to despise as soon as it gets too cold to leave my balcony open. I am unnecessarily unhappy here where I am at right now. This became ever more evident the closer I got to home this afternoon. I didn't want to leave, but my cats and freelance work were dictating my movements. Were my car not in such a state of potential breakdown danger, I would probably have agreed to return the next weekend, and the next and the next, to continue on finishing the cabin.
Coming home just doesn't feel right now. This town, these people, the hurts that resurface as soon as I turn into town. I went to Vermont to dry out, to rejuvenate my inner being. And it worked for the time, but the moment I parked my car back in NY, my first thought was "Ok, unpack, shower, and head to the bar. What else are you gonna do?"
Where I am now, the space both physically and mentally, there are no panting golden retrievers. There is no clear moonlight gazing from a wicker couch. There seems to be no more promise of peace.
So, it planted a seed that definitely scares me to take hold of, but just feels so much better than what I've already got! Tomorrow I will meet with my dad, discuss options. Continue my discussions with Mom and Rick, and maybe, if all goes well, I will make the crazy decision to move to Vermont for a winter of snowshoeing and cross country skiing and head straightening!
Now, whose gonna come visit?


I really love love love Abeel Street in Kingston...from the moment it crosses the Rondout, until it bisects the waterfront area. The old relics of structures long gone, the tall skinny buildings looking like leftovers from the 20's. And the contemporary houses built to mirror the rocky cliff faces they are positioned up against.
Love Love LOVE!



OK, budget friendly eating did NOT take into account noisy lady downstairs frying pork chops tonight....grrrrr......white bean and rosemary soup is yummy....white bean and rosemary soup is yummy...


Time stamps

Sometimes it's funny to look back at the time stamp of the last time certain music was played, and try and figure out exactly what you were doing at that time...for instance, why on May 10, 2008 between the hours of 5:30am and 12pm did I seem to have a constant streaming Ani dance party? Weird.

"Puddle Diving" back to the summer of '96 at Vassar

Trying to electronically replace so many of those beloved albums that I've only had on cassette for the last 15 years or so...its like going through an audio album of so many memories...
God I do so love me some early acoustic Ani!

And wow do I remember just how much "Used to You" used to apply, in my young mind, to one...and now see that that was all just a precursor for what was to come!


I have been having inexplicable yearnings towards adopting a new kitten. (and yes, it is slightly terrifying that instead of yearnings towards babies, I lean towards furry friends...and am fully aware of the potential for future crazy cat lady status!) But then, I saw a picture of baby Francis, and suddenly realized that it is not a new kitten I want, I am simply not spending enough time with the one I already HAVE! This must be remedied...stat!


I've always had faith

Funny how when one client drops off, another steps up to the plate.
Some samples of the actual printings of my first wallpaper...


Wearing two contacts for the first time in a week makes the whole world clearer...including my complexion...Yeouch!


Come see Ethel on Friday night at Spiegeltent! I've worked with them before, and they're awesome people, as well as fun time musicians!

Clean Your Clock

For real though! The clock in my living room has been consistently lagging behind like 10 minutes for the last two days, completely throwing me off despite my constant resetting. Took it off the wall, and noticed the ring of dinge around it due to the previous fire obsessively cleaning the clock, wall, surrounding areas. But as I time the seconds, I think it may just be low battery power after all.


I am so bored...
so bored...
starring at the computer screen....

Only hydroplaned once on my way into town this afternoon...yippee!!!!


You don't bring me flowers...

Its scary to think that all tangible evidence of our existence here in this lifetime is locked away in these black boxes we frantically type into and stare at all day. I used to write letters and send cards. Used to journal all of my thoughts and feelings. Now, I have no idea where that journal is, and have no written account of the last year and a half of my life.
Back when technology was not so immediate, I wrote everything down. Saved planners with significant dates written in. Wall calendars with circles and smiley faces reflecting good times. Now, its here, in this digital, censored record of the day to day. With out the text messages or emails, how will I ever remember, when I'm old, what the significance of a glance felt like? If this hard drive fails, or this url gets wiped out, there goes the neighborhood, and the memories it contains. When I'm 90 years old, will I still remember this night? Where a mere two took on the bar and beat the trivia score? Or the after hours sing-a-long, snuggled around the piano? When Fran ruined the piano by spilling the bottle of Jameson on it? How can I remind myself of the heartbreak that feels constantly at the ready? Or the excitement of feeling like I'm the verge of something huge?
My heart aches.


Kelly set me straight...crazy can TOTALLY smell crazy in this sense! Lets get Mushy!



So, eating Mushrooms at 1am seems like a good idea..lets see what happens!

For those of you following along...

Seu Jorge was just one more sign pointing towards Portugal....I'm thinking some serious research is in the works...


Well, this changes everything

Ya! Ve Spiegled fur Sarah's Birthday!

Then I got followed by a cop through the parking lot to my condo. And I was on FOOT! Hopefully he was checking out my ass, or was making sure I got home safely...


Holy Shit!



My dream/nightmare last night consisted of being sucked back into time during a slave uprising. I was placed within a slave home, and then they were raided by the whites...I was shot in the neck with a small bullet that barely broke the surface, and watched those around me being whipped and beaten, until I finally escaped to join a wiccan group situated outside the house to watch the "festivities" and to step in should things get too out of hand. Eventually, once the barricade between the slaves and the whites was finally broken down,flames began to consume those inside, the bloodshed was horrible, and so the wiccans and myself took off running until we came across a large hill with kids literally flying down it using pizza boxes as wings...we climbed to the top where Tim Voell handed me two box tops and a pair of stirrups fashioned together into a flying device, patted me on the back, and said go ahead, you're free!



Photos via Corrine


Oh boy....

Totally just freaked out over a completely self-fabricated situation...
And now I feel crazy...and relieved.


If I'm not careful, Jordan won't come to visit me anymore if every time I nearly kill him! Sorry Jojo!
Party was fun...though I feel like I've got a permanent layer of grim on my face! Ick!


Stoned Kitties

So, I have this secret game with "the Old Man". I figure he's not much longer for this world, since he's not doing so well health wise...and he loves catnip...yet when "Hairy Mon" gets high with him, he gets feisty, and disruptive, so "the Old Guy" has this favorite toy that he sleeps with, carries around, hides. while "Hairy Mon" is distracted by sleeping on the balcony, or performing his daily rounds of checking the corners for bugs or otherwise foreign objects, I dose the toy with catnip, so "Old Guy" can ride out his final days is a stoned bliss. He now knows what drawer the catnip is kept in though, and I know when he needs a fix because he opens it and pulls everything out from it. Maine Coons are a trip!


Outside revamping the balcony setup, when a damn bat flies into the house! At first I thought it was a hummingbird, until I realized that it was dark out, and its wings were way too big! Uck! I really don't like bats, and I really don't like them IN MY HOUSE! Luckily, my big bad Cash chased him right back out. But there was much confusion on all of our parts!
Sitting on my new yoga ball desk chair and loving it! Its a bit low, and I may not have inflated it enough...but it sure is fun!
OK, time to make the tuna...sesame crusted yellow tail with seasoned rice over field greens....I'm starving!

OK wait...

Franti, interviewing Butler, with Damien Rice performing Cannonball in the background? Wha?!?!

Musical Wet Dream

John Butler and Michael Franti at Southbound

The pairing of these two is like my musical nirvana!

I Want


This is ME


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