Cleaned my desk, and rearranged some lighting in order to be more focused.  Suddenly, I prefer working at dusk, rather than dawn.  We'll see how long this lasts!

Sunday Night Dinner

Caramelized onions and prosciutto with fresh rosemary and mozzarella....


Psychological Ringtones

Changed the ring tone for my clients to one that's more soothing, so I don't necessarily answer quite so agitated anymore.  However, it is SO soothing, that I am now prone to not hear it.  Back to the drawing board.

Rash Emotional Decisions

are never a wise choice.  And yet here I find myself in the dilemma of another one!  :)

Another one bites the dust

Yet another neighbor moved out this weekend.  It can't be me, can it?

Of course, the one downstairs, with the heavy footed tween girl, who likes to "brag" to her friends about her "crazy partying" upstairs neighbor to make herself appear cooler to prepubescent boys, is still here.  And she has an actual land line phone, that rings at top volume and completely throws me off each time I hear it!  Ah have made me so intolerant to retro.

The Bible according to Twitter

Mood lifter

You probably have to be both a DMB fan, and have no understanding of GPS systems, as I do, to find this as hysterical as I am this morning!


Rt 9 in the Summmertime

Actually kind of relaxing driving home from PK at midnight.  No one on the road.  The familiar sights of Rt 9.  My memory of Southern Dutchess was definitely tested today.  With a caravan of people all relying on me, and the car that stalls at stop lights, to get them from point A to B to C.  Daytime driving was stressful.  But after dark, was sad to see the lights of home!
Cleaning the bathroom and doing laundry at 2:30 am on a friday...ahhh the life of a single freelancer.


Stressed much?

Stressful few days has me in constant panic mode...and sadly enough Grey's Anatomy season finale has me hiding in the bathroom at the scary parts!  Yes, I said scary parts...



Congratulations to Amy and Doug who welcomed Little Daniel into the world this morning!
Very exciting for all of three of them!!!!

But can I just ask...when the heck are one of you going to have a damn GIRL?!?!  :)



Today is one of those days...Woke up angry at the world, and those closest to me, for no good reason at all. "A" put it best, as tapping into your inner serial killer.


The Devil Makes Three

"Drink 'til I can't remember the meaning of alone"



Just needed a reminder as to why I love these women as much as I do.  Sometimes I'm such an ass!  :(


Get Out of my Head!

Neil Young has been playing on constant rotation for three days now....


Tivoli Took down the Apollo

Amazing house we got to stay in!
Walked way too many blocks in really unfortunate footwear!
Climbed waaaay too many stairs!
So great to see everyone dressed up and out of their element! 
Way too much fun dancing like crazy people! 
Surprisingly pleasant conversation with a meth head at midnight in a Popeyes in Harlem!
Crazy cab rides with Kelly, avoiding the car bomb in Times Square!
Sitting on the sidewalk drinking beer until the sun comes up with my favorite person on Earth!
Hiking through hidden spots of Central Park all afternoon!
Getting into a water fight to settle an argument!
Dinner at our favorite spot in T-Town!
Documentary on Bob Marley to send you to sleep!
Now THAT'S how you do a weekend!

He's my Lobster!

Well, that's decided then.  
Love that we hit the early bird special at the Thai restaurant; that we go down to NYC to get out of the country, and spend almost the entire time in Central Park; and that he takes just as many photos of random sh!t as I do!

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