Happiness is...

Two months ago I was at an all time low emotionally.  Having finally suffered the ultimate betrayal in my 5 year relationship I found myself defeated, alone, feeling sorry for myself and humiliated.  There was no where else to go but up.  That morning my father found me crying and alone and at the end of a rope.  He said to me that morning "This will all pass, it wasn't the right situation for you.  Trust me (he's been married 3 times) when you find it, it'll come unexpectedly and from out of nowhere, and it will suddenly all make sense why all the others never worked."  Truer words were never spoken, as I think I'm in the midst of it this very moment.


Pretty sure...

I think I found him.


What a difference a weekend makes

I barely know you, but I awoke in the middle of the night physically sad that you weren't there.


Unusual Political Rant

Kathleen Rice...  Your campaign to "clean up" Nassau county is deplorable and I hope you one day know the familial destruction you have inflicted on 104 men that don't deserve your feminist agenda.  Yes, prostitution is wrong, but it is not your job to destroy the lives of miserable men that you know nothing about. 

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