I am watching Bewitched.
No not the beloved iconic television series.
The movie.
With Will Ferrell.

And in five minutes I'll be sitting down to a lovely plate of Nana's potroast, mashed potatoes and lima beans. That's right. Lima Beans!

I'm loving a solo saturday night at home!

Saturday Special

Been searching for hours for a Moby song, buried in my brain, that which I fell in love with many years ago, and have only heard a handful of times. I don't know the words, can't recall the melody...I just know I'll know it when I hear it. But it's quite the cause for frustration!

Note to Self: Do NOT braise a pot roast for 8 hours when you plan on being home the entire time! Torturous smells are emanating from my kitchen!



For some reason, a few days ago, I chose to watch mere minutes of Kill Bill Vol. 1...and ever since I have had terrifyingly graphic dreams about assassins! Good call Linds!



Doing research into working with the DEC and came across the requirements for Rangers. Apparently, a forest ranger is not allowed to have facial hair. Huh. That's a strange requirement!

Big Leaps

In an effort to continue on in my own personal improvement, I did something today I have always been frightened to do. I went hiking by myself. Of course, it would have helped to have had the benefit of yak trax or poles as it's ICY out there! But the view of the river was stunning...and I no longer feel so helpless and trapped inside this apartment and town!



I keep bottles of wine like some women keep love notes. I just realized this evening as I was washing dishes, just how significant the little vignette is that I have created behind my sink.
From left to right the memories are:
  • The bottle of wine Mike and I drank the first night he realized he loved me.
  • The bottle "the Captain" brought back from his parents' extensive wine cellar, that he, Jordan, and I drank the night I realized he needed to be out of my life forever.
  • The bottle of champagne "the Captain" and I drank the day that "Comb-over" ran away, and I fully realized just how dysfunctional our relationship was.
  • The bottle Mike and I drank after returning home from our first camping trip where I realized that my best friend had suddenly become so much more! And knew my life would never be the same.
  • The wine I drank throughout my relationship with JR, because it was "organic" and made me feel less of an alcoholic, in a house where my partner didn't drink, nor did he truly condone drinking in me...unless it was "organic". Like most everything else in our lives...Organics were of the utmost importance...regardless of their significance.
Who would've ever thought that a decorating scheme I stole from Mara would ever be so very telling of my own life's path?


Today, after being laid up for 18+ hours with an awful stomach bug, I bit the bullet and went walking for over two hours, to try and clear my head and digestive system. I meandered around the back roads of T-Town, eventually making my way down to the river, where I encountered this scene, in one of my favorite viewing spots. The image, coupled with the Franti song playing on my ipod, brought tears to my eyes while remembering just how significant the Hudson has been in my life for the last 4 years. It felt good. And purging. Until I turned around to find another lone traveler standing 20 feet away, undoubtedly listening to my sobs the entire time! Oops!


Food Porn

That is the name of the show I am watching right now. And I have determined that in order to stay on this "cleanse" it is this very type of show that I need to avoid!

Current Frustration

I HATE when jobs listed on craigslist only list their location as "Hudson Valley". That's a pretty broad area dude! At least narrow it down to a COUNTY! Otherwise, it just seems sketchy!

From This is Why You're Fat!

Stew was talking about this very thing last night. Apparently it's a "garbage plate"
A combination of either cheeseburger, hamburger, Italian sausages, steak, chicken, white or red hots, a grilled cheese sandwich, fried fish, or eggs, served on top of one or two of the following: home fries, fries, beans, and mac salad. The plate is adorned with optional mustard, onions or hot sauce
And apparently he LOVES them! Yuck!



I understood about five words in this article.


FINALLY got a full night's sleep! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Life feels so much better today!


Internal Clock Change

I woke up before 4 am this morning. Read for an hour, and was out of bed, working by 4:55. I've only been sleeping about 4 to 5 hours on average every night. I thought you were supposed to sleep MORE when you are depressed?



Live twittering of Grammys is FUN!
I dreamt an entire Allmen Brothers concert last night. I don't even really LIKE the Allmen Brothers! Sometimes my sober brain really confuses me!


This is ridiculous!


I've been having a lot of dreams about high school friends recently. Of running into them, or attending functions with them. Its strange but comforting to see these familiar faces that I haven't thought of in years!



I want an Aloe Plant that looks like THIS!!!!!! Mine kinda creeps me out.....
Sushi Won


Sushi or Steak?
These are decisions I just shouldn't have to make!!!!



It sounds like a mouse is living in my computer. That can't be good.
I hate having a stocked fridge. Makes making choices so hard!

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