Palin for President!

Good way to pass the time.
click around the room for fun surprises!

Open the Eyes of my Heart

The church of my youth burnt to the ground yesterday. Out of the blue. Its almost no longer have that "Sanctuary" hanging over my head, in the back of my thoughts and dreams. This sure has been one doozy of a year though!



The babies have ring need to keep a close eye on the boys....good times. The whole house smells of rotten eggs from the sulfur dip. Definitely don't want that in the condo!

Lindsay is

Loving seeing "Buster" Bluth back on tv in Samantha Who? and Chuck. Loves it!

Pride and Prejudice

Just found this page of the ex's work...and as I clicked through started to well up. How far he's come since first picking up my camera and taking this image what seems like so long ago now....
And I'm reminded of how much I miss his soul.


I am going to KILL the workers out side my front door who have been grinding the paint off of the metal steps for the last FOUR days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Night I Told a Stranger All About You....

"The Man" was a widower with two young children he was taking care of. I was some kind of criminal...a thief/bandit...not sure..he captured me, and was taking me, along with a wagon train, to the local city so he could turn me in and collect the reward money. (Sorta like the movie 3:10 to of the first movies we ever watched together) Along the way, he fell in love with me, and started to trust me, and so would give me a bit of freedom, but at every chance I got I would run...and he'd come after me, angry that he'd fallen for trusting me again....this went on two or three times, until I finally woke up, heart pounding, after being surrounded by a circle of muskets all pointed at me with very angry faces behind, and him standing there, unarmed, looking helpless and defeated.

The odd part of the whole thing was the realness of it all. I could feel the desperation and the burning in my legs as I'd run up hills. His two children, a boy and a girl, the boy whom he'd refer to as "My boy". We didn't look like each other, but I knew it was us.
I'd like to believe in soul mates. I'd like to believe in being tagged with one person as we travel through this universe changing energy and form. I never believed in reincarnation as a child, until now, as I feel I've experienced it with various spirits in my own life. This dream has my brain working overtime....
Ever since I was a little girl I've been in love with that time in our history. The time of covered wagons and little towns on the prairie. Have always wanted that lifestyle...where simplicity was the norm, and life was hard. Have always wanted to meet my strapping young Almanzo behind two proud Morgan horses. Does a blue mazda pickup truck count as today's equivalent?


I just woke up! Just this instant. !2:45 in the afternoon! After sleeping for almost 14 hours, I turned on the heat, set up the coffee and heated up left over apple crisp from last night. The smells remind me of Fall Saturdays after college at my parents' house where we'd sit around in our pajamas drinking coffee until the early afternoon, chatting. I wish I'd taken more photos of that place....but the sense memory's still there!


Sanity Check

Currently using all of my strength to fight off listening to Christmas music under the high anticipation of the first snowfall. I know in a few months (weeks) I'll hate it...but right now....I want to cuddle under blankets by candle light with "The Man", Apple Crisp and a sappy flick!



Applied to a slew of jobs tonight. Pray that ONE lead comes through....Life is just getting too hard not to.


First time I can see in two days!


Those Crazy Kids!

New Additions

"The Man", Myself, "The Old Guy" and "Hairy Mon" are pleased to welcome two new terrors to the family!


Lindsay is

wishing the world were made of marshmallows and lollipops! Then perhaps she wouldn't drink so much!


weekend of pussy

The putty tat that I fell in love with is the grey striped one that "the Man's" petting over there. He just reminded me so much of dear old Munchkin But three cats in a condo? Eh...probably not a good idea. Even though it WAS free adoption weekend....grrrrrr....we'll see!


Warm Fuzzies

After "sleeping" in a sleeping bag, in a tent, on a mountain, in temperatures hovering somewhere around 20 degrees, I came home and felt I deserved turning the heat on, as my apartment was only about 50 degrees! I love that smell of the first kick in of the heat....that mixed with the campfire aroma wafting off of me...I'm in autumnal bliss!

Weekend Adventures

Spent the last 24 hours in the Blackhead Mountains. Had a fabulous time, even if it did kinda reiterate just how out of shape I've gotten in the last few months. But I survived...and we had a great time!
See more pics at the site...

Now...we're off to get a kitten!


Long Lost Love

Thought I'd never be able to replace my favorite winter hat that I lost last year.
Until today.
And it was only $2.63! Brand new! Score!

'Nough Said

Finally slept straight through the night.
Peace of mind is a wonderful thing!


Damn Facebook!

Just saw a FB status of a friend that mentioned chicken wings, and now it's all I want! Baaadly!


is having her whole house smell like childhood pea soup goodness....


If I were a Boy...

Surprisingly in love with this song!


I totally want an everything bagel with lox spread from Sunrise Bagels this morning! I swear, I can smell IT!!!


Blah blah...

New people (person?) moving in downstairs.
Lots of chintz and wicker.
I need a massage!


Guy Strike

Went back to Pine Box for the first time in years (Step mom's house doesn't count) and hiked around Thompson Pond w MM. While there, we saw FOUR snakes...wandered off the trail and got totally turned around FIVE times...and got ONE parking ticket!!!!! Parking on pavement. Where the f am I SUPPOSED to park!?!? Hope "the Man" is fareing far better in his mountain top isolation!

Last night was rough. This is the first time "the Man" and I haven't been within 1 mile of each other since...March?!?! But Angus was awesome. Awesome enough to head back out and hear him again tonight? Ehhh....probably not. Stocked up on good stuff at the health food store. Bought a couple bottles of wine. And a copy of "the Holiday" came in the mail today! I think I'm gonna girl out on "Rice and Salad", have a spa night, drink some wine and watch some Cameron Diaz flicks! All this prepping for the total girl immersion tomorrow night.

If the smell of banana bread starts emanating from my know I've been lost to the dark side! And should probably come in and join me!


Variations on a theme

Oh my GOD! I <3 her!

YouTube Finds

Thanks Mom for the tip! It's been just one of those days!

Trivia Banter

ME: There are only two celebrities that really shocked me when they died. John Ritter and Paul Newman.

MM: Yeah

ME: I mean I remember seeing it on CNN and being like "Oh no way! He was a gorgeous man!"

MM: Yeah, he was really cute...I loved Three's Company

ME: I was talking about Paul Newman....

Pot Head!

This morning, "The Old Guy" began a favorite game of How Many Drawers Can I Open Before Mom Gets Pissed...only this time he stumbled across a JACKPOT! Apparently, if you open the kitchen drawers far enough, they come out, and what you find, which is worth far more than gold if you're four legged and furry, is the lost stash of catnip that had fallen in the back of the cabinet...YEARS ago!
The boys are currently deliriously stoned and napping on the couch.
I live in a feline frat house.

What Dreams May Come

Awake. At 7am. Eating a sandwich. After dreaming about lunch meat. No more bourbon after midnight.


Excercise AND Free Swag!

My daily "Old Man Walk" around the village yielded quite a bit more than usual this afternoon!
List of scores include:
  • a postcard book of kissing animals
  • Copy of "Running With Scissors"
  • "Little Earthquakes" by Jennifer Weiner
  • Random paperback "In the Family Way"
  • a 4"x4" marble tile...perfect coaster!
  • a Motley Crue biography!

I left the Chinese takeout container for the next lucky bastard. Better hurry while it's still there!


There goes the neighborhood!

Noisy people moved into the building. So much for my "quieter way of living"! I want a refund!

Bitter End

Finally warming up! After one t-shirt, a turtleneck and calf length sweater...PLUS jeans and knee high socks with high boots....or maybe its the red wine finally doing its job!


Little Town on the River

I'm kinda startin' to feel like this town is twisting into some form of surreal Walnut Grove.



God its cold...and bright...and fall....and these are on continuous repeat breaking my heart.

God I always forget how much I love Alanis!


Music Mania!

So, yeah, this whole new office thing...REALLY helping me to concentrate and get more stuff done! So instead, I played this little game. It's FUN! Try it!

Put your iPOD,​​ mp3 playe​r or whate​ver you use to play music​ on shuff​le.​​ Write​ down the song that comes​ up to answe​r each quest​ion.​​ Do not skip songs​,​​ even if you repea​t artis​ts!​​ After​ you name the song,​​ write​ yes or no for the quest​ion that follo​ws.

See how many actually make sense​!​​

This is my favorite song right​ now: Make You Mine, Heather Nova
Is this true?​​:​​I do like it...a

This is my least​ favorite song right​ now: Sit Upon Da Rhythm, Natural Vibrations
Is this true?​​:​​ eh, no it's not my favorite...but I don't hate it!
(No video available. Like, at ALL! They're an obscure band I found in Hawaii....)

I have no idea why this song is on my music​ playe​r:​​ Trigger Hippie, Morcheeba
Is this true?​​:​​ hell's no LOVE this song!

This song makes​ me sad: Easy Silence, Dixie Chicks
Is this true?​​:​​ Oh hell reminds my of losing two very significant people in my life, even if they were only there for a short amount of time.

This song makes​ me mad: In The Rough, Anna Nalick
Is this true?​​:​​ Hardly. Here's another one that makes me sad. It reminds me of driving home on the day after Christmas, 2005.

This song makes​ me happy​:​​ Queen Bee, Taj Mahal
Is this true?​​:​​ Oh yes, love the bouncy happy feeling.

This song ALWAY​S cheer​s me up: Ants Marching (Live), Dave Matthews Band
Is this true?​ Dave ALWAYS cheers me up! Especially LIVE Dave!

This song bring​s back lots of memor​ies:​​ Compares to You, Glow
Is this true?​​:​​ This is one of the most amazing songs ever written. (Some may be more familiar with Sinead O'Connor's version). It does, usually very significant people in my life give me copies of this song. Whatever version it may be.
(No Link found)

This song remin​ds me of my crush​/​​boyfr​iend:​​ Cry, James Blunt
Is this true?​​:​​ It does not remind me of my current flame, but rather an old one. I'm sad. Perhaps I should rethink this little game....

This song is overp​layed​:​​ I'm Free Now, Morphine
Is this true?​​:​​ on the radio? no. At the mansion? yes

This song is not playe​d enoug​h:​​ Yes I Will, Michael Franti & Spearhead.
Is this true?​​:​​ There is NEVER enough Franti in the world!

I'm sick of this song:​​ Meet Me in the City, North Mississippi Allstars
Is this true?​​:​​ Don't really ever remember hearing it's pretty good!

I can'​​t get enoug​h of this song:​​ The Slant, Ani Difranco
Is this true?​​:​​ I haven't, in the 15 years I've been listening to it. So, yeah.
(No link for THIS one either...that's unbelievable!)

Some one told me about​ this song:​​ Stronger Woman, Jewel
Is this true?​​:​​ Actually, yes, my mom sent me the lyrics at a particularly low point in my love life.

I heard​ this song on my own: Once Upon a Christmas, Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers
Is this true?​​:​​ Awww....this is one of my favorite Christmas songs. Another one brought to me by mom. We're big Dolly fans! And you should be too! now, I want it to be Christmas...can't believe it's only 3 months away!

I have watch​ed the video​ for this song:​​ The Waitress, Tori Amos
Is this true?​​:​​ No, I had not...that is up until this point...


As I write this, "the Man" is headed off to put his beloved "Biggie" to sleep.
It's a sad day.
Tia Phelps
?, 1991 to October 1, 2008

Bug Free!

They are FINALLY pressure washing the outside of my building! They haven't done it in two years, and the spider poop build up? NAS-TY!
Made myself a little office in my apartment last night, to hopefully, finally, become more productive, and stop falling asleep on the couch! I'd take pictures, but due to "Hairy Mon" and "The Old Fella", my apartment looks like I haven't vacuumed in weeks....which is not the case...its only been about two.... :(
I haven't had this much change in a long time! It feels good. Day-um good!

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