I got two emails today, one announcing that indoor soccer will be from 7:30 to 8:30...AM. The other changing the meeting time of Capoiera to Wednesdays from 8:30 to 10 PM. WTF people?! Doesn't anybody work out at reasonable hours anymore?


Came in to work today and the entire building reeked of pot! Turns out one of our musician clients, sent his roadie to bring his cat in to get the sutures removed, and his presence being there for a mere 15 minutes sent waves of weed wafting through the halls. All day I craved brownies...

Edelweiss? Really?

Family Legacy

My family did some amazing things that I will hold pride for until my grave...Tonight I finally ordered the copy of the DVD of Sophie Scholl-The Final Days.  The documentary premiere I missed because I got drunk on vodka at 5pm and fell down the stairs and sprained my ankle.  But it won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film and I got my final credits for my minor by writing my thesis on her life 3 years prior to its release.  Sophie Scholl changed my life, and the lives of many during WWII, and she deserves a post of her own after being named One of Glamour Magazine's Most Courageous Women of All Time.

RIP your face-sake, Katie.  You are terribly missed, changed my immediate life, and will be greatly loved until we meet again. 



I get so excited watching the final seconds countdown of the music downloader.  That moment right before an album is entirely available...especially if its been downloading for days.


My favorite song...done by a rapidly rising favorite artist...


Its my three year Anniversary with my little man Cash....
Funny to think we've gone from this...

to this....

This may be

the sexiest song in my repertoire..... its dangerous to pass along....




I have been addicted to this song for the last three days...until I woke up this morning with it playing over and over and over in my head. Yuck!


I can not BEGIN to tell you how excited I was about this discovery in the frozen fruit case. Smoothies have become my new late night indulgence...along with the cause of some minor stick blender accidents (10 digits-still accounted for-barely) And here, they've combined everything into one easy pouch. But beyond the convenience, was the joy of finding a strawberry-mango-pineapple variety. So delicious! Can't wait to snuggle up with my spoon and my smoothie and my Gray's Anatomy tonight!


This was my Christmas card from my mom this year. It sits atop my computer monitor where I stare at it daily. It reminds me of my favorite campsite in The Adirondacks. Surrounded by water, only accessible by boat...if it weren't on state land, it'd be the perfect setting for my little dreamy cabin. Someday!



The weather outside is terribly frightful...hope there's a snow delay for work tomorrow morning. Now for hot cocoa, Christmas lights and ACAD...


benji's Post

You let me way down every time...

You've been juggling two women like a stupid circus clown
Telling us both we are the one....
And Maybe you can you can keep me from ever being being happy, but you're not going to stop me from having fun!

Its a surprise every time!

I bought this album the day I got my license...and I will never forget it...
She reigns supreme.


Think I have posted this before...but who cares...

Ani>Pink Floyd?

Ani on Youtube

is a never ending loop...if you're looking for it...

Every tool is a weapon...

Squint your eyes and look closer...

She has my heart


"We don't attract what we want. We attract who we are."

And true self...doesn't lie.


Family Fotos

The whole fam-damily. The tall guy in the back is my dad. The woman on the far right is my aunt Charlotte, and next to her, my Grandma Scholl. And the guy sitting on the floor with the big grin? My uncle Cliff.

One of the many family photos with my Grandfather and his Grandmother stands to his left, and my Great Grandma Bragulla is on the right, looking down.

My Uncle Cliff, My Aunt Diane, and my dad as a little twerp!

Such great photos I've never even seen. Thanks much Cousin Chris!!!


House of Bears

Had a make out dream with Hugh Laurie last night. In the dream he had a pet bear. The dream was so real, as I was sitting at work today, I was trying to remember which one of my friends had the exotic animal I was supposed to ask the Dr. if she'd examine. No more Tylenol PM.

He was really hot though! :)


Unexpected Resolutions

So, I made the decision last Wednesday to quit smoking. Around Christmas I had resolved to start saving money and no longer try my damnedest to support paying off the pub's tax bill. The combining of these two things has, of course, cut down on my drinking. The goal I really wanted to reach. There has been an unexpected side affect from all of this elimination...without the smoking, the drinking seems unappetizing...without the drinking, the comfort foods I've been craving all winter, seem heavy and rich and make me feel sluggish. Since Wednesday, my eating habits have jumped back to where they used to be. I've eaten fish and brown rice and salads and lots of vegetables. I did make a pan of brownies in a nicotine depletion haze a few days ago...but tonight, even they seemed too much of an to get my late night chocolate fix, I made a berry and banana sorbet with skim milk, and few scoops of hot chocolate mix...and it's heaven!
Don't make New years Resolutions...this year they came upon me!

Toto, We're Not in Kansas Anymore

When I was 9 years old, this episode of Roseanne scared me for life regarding tornadoes. Tonight, it was on again, and the first time I'd seen it since then (strange I know, considering my daily Roseanne obsession). Oddly enough, it still terrifies me to this day. Tornado phobia...reinstated. Great.


For Jodie

Love this song, too bad the video's so damn creepy!
This song makes me want to eat mushrooms and dance around the mansion.


How do you know when a charcoal mask is done?



I think I miss harmonizing the go back to that summer of summer stage and dreads and bongos...magic hasn't happened like that since.

The All Night Strut

Running on repeat in preparation...oh to relive those 6 weeks today. What a difference a decade makes on the work a point...



Hot chocolate with a shot of Baileys. My reward for working until 11pm on the first Monday out of the holidays!

Make Your Move - Dubmatix Rock Ya Remix by johnbrownsbody

Make Your Move - Dubmatix Rock Ya Remix  by  johnbrownsbody

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