What is UP?

My brain has been totally misfiring since Sunday night!  Night time hallucinations, muscle spasms...perhaps my fall affected more than my wrist?


Lessons in Chicken

For the past three years I have been trying, apparently futilely, to recreate my father's Chicken Cacciatore recipe.  I've done everything he's said, researched other recipes, wasted a lot of really good and bad wine.  This past week, money is tight, and the cupboard is light, so I took what I had, and decided to follow my own instincts and budget...and I nailed!  Now it may not be exactly like what I knew growing up, not better or worse, but it works.  And for the first time, I was happy, and won't waste an entire crock pot of chicken.
This opened my eyes to a whole host of ways this affects my life.  And I've relaxed a little bit, opened up a little bit, and am finally allowing the tides to run their course, instead of trying to manipulate it my way. 
Now if only this will run into the job search!



Yesterday to beat the cold, and the stress, we had a Pirates of the Carribean Marathon.  All three movies in one afternoon/evening.  Over 6 hours of Johnny Depp...swoon!


Really like this one too...

Too bad the few other songs by this artist I checked out were kind of lame...but this song definitely rings my bell!


the CMAs are definitely making me fall in love with country music again...and making me cry!  Damn this emotional weekend!


Once again, Twitter has thwarted my attempts to join.  Tried to pull my contacts from my email...three times...each time an error.  I shall not be denied!!  Facebook just feels way too small.


Can't Trust the People I Don't Know

Wow...weird dream.  Weird weird dream!
So last night, I fell asleep on the couch at some ridiculously early hour, after having a glass and a half of wine with dinner.  Woke up at 12:30, completely disorientated, and some how, kind of wide awake.  Awake enough to consider having some chocolate and watch Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  It was only 12:30 after all!  I decided against it though, brushed my teeth, and crawled into bed.  I was having trouble falling back to sleep though.  I think I'm getting sick, as I've been having some breathing issues and pretty regular anxiety attacks.
The next thing I know, I wake up on a strange couch, in a strange apartment, tripping my face off!  I finally realize I'm at a friend's new apartment outside of Rhinebeck, but I can't figure out why I feel so f*cked up!  I see a bunch of people hanging outside so I try to join them, but I'm the girl whose totally wrecked, and I feel really embarrassed as I keep falling down and knocking stuff over and slurring my words.  I spill beer every where, multiple times.  All over my friend's lap top, all over my own stuff.  Unable to follow conversations, I walk away to smoke a cigarette.  Some girls I know of but don't know personally are there, talking about going to Getty to get soda.  The one offers me a ride, and I desperately want to go home, but can barely keep my wits about me.  I have no idea how I've gotten to this place, or why, but my car is there, so I decide to try and save face, and feel at least a bit safer and more comfortable in my environment.  I put the seats down and curl up in the back to try and sleep off whatever I've been slipped.  I wake up back in my own bed completely confused and disorientated.
What the hell was that about?!?!


Life Changing

A week ago I bought this for camping
Its an all in one personal coffee press for backpacking/camping.  I had to try it out off the trail for the first time of course though, right?  Oh my!  This little bugger made some of the most amazing coffee to ever come off my kitchen counter!  I am hooked, and now may need to buy a second one to keep in the camp box!
But the story doesn't end there. 
After I bought the press, I bought one of these.  (the Brown one)
Now, I have always loved to go coffee, but I've also always known that it's all about the specific type of top.  Don't know why, but it just makes it taste better to come out of that molded top.  And now, I never have to drink my coffee out of anything else ever again! 
It's been a great week for caffeine!

Paris Vs New York



Kate and William kind of raised the bar...


Quotes from Anthony Bourdain

"I've got a head full of weird".

And that's the truth....


Up before the sun.  Yet still running out of time to get everything done.  Probably shouldn't be wasting time on the internet....


Strange dream about Nan Nan driving...cape cod...Mountain Jam and the cast of Friends.  Felt like I slept until noon, but was only 8 am.  Long day.


Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts Official Video

Heard this song the other morning and it's been stuck in my head ever since. Can't place where I heard it originally though...


Saturday Night

Avoided the antics of Halloween in Tivoli with our own Annie Hall-o-ween.  And had a much better time!


This sucks!

Oh the irony!  So all of the shows I WANTED to buy tickets to this last week, but didn't...were all postponed.  The one show I DID buy tickets to?  That one went off with out a hitch, and we had to miss it due to work.  And now I'm out $90.  Bah!

Today Show

The Today Show films, in real time, in NYC.  So why are Kathie Lee and Hoda always drinking wine during their 10am show?  It's disturbing.

Thanksgiving's coming

Early morning rustling turned out to be a Turkey falling out of the tree in the front yard.  Where AM I?


Sliding Doors

Oh god, so last night we watched Hot Tub Time Machine (which is kind of ridiculous).  And so I had a dream involving time space continuum...where my current self came across an alternate self, in a rather compromising situation.  I then spent the rest of the time trying to hide from the alternate self so as to not disrupt her reality as well as my own.  Couple that up with dreaming about being attacked by an endless onslaught of bears, and needless to say, it was a long night!


It sounds like the gardener's grinding rocks outside my window right now and it's PISSING ME OFF!!!!


I miss Cape Cod

And this night...


For lunch, I'm eating smoked salmon that the boy caught and we learned how to smoke ourselves.
For dinner, I'm braising pheasant that another friend shot last week
20 year old Lindsay would never have hung out with 30 year old Lindsay!  I love it!


Fall Bounty

Making an apple pie to take to what I can only imagine will be an amazing venison dinner cooked by a dear friend.  The house smells amazing!


Executing the Rainy Day Couch Curl

Hauled out the big guns...down comforter, favorite pillow, barrage of girl movies.   Snuggle time on the couch with my boys - minus the human one :( .  I love days like this!



CD Baby

Got the first actual cd I've bought in at LEAST 4 years, today in the mail.  Having the tangible thing feels better than mere hard drive clutter.  May be switching back old school....


Autumn Walk

Went for a walk into town in the drizzle this afternoon.  On the way home, I passed the window of the only neighbor I actually like around here.  She was playing such a heartfelt bluesy version of Amazing Grace on the harmonica, that I had to stop and listen for a few extra seconds.  
Lovely afternoon!


Determining the perfect ration between bread and brie. This just may take all day....


Makes me actually want to get to work....

Freelancing has made weekend appreciation non existent. But what I have come to love is our ritual of Sunday sloth.
Fresh Our Daily Bread Baguette, with toppings like roasted hot peppers and Gorgonzola, farmer's cheese, brie or muenster and chicken salad. Today, we got to add warmed apple cider. Snuggling on the couch watching football...waiting for the crock pot to finish cooking.
I love fall Sundays!


Morning musings

I have an inexplicable desire for a freak snow. I wish that's how it worked.

Crazy dreams about my apartment burning down, coupled with not being prepared for a deadline....whoa stress!

Woke up this morning to a man's voice in my bedroom. Cash has learned how to turn on the stereo. We were not amused.

Lovely weekend doing the things Single Lindsay loves to do. Absolutely nuthin'! Cleaned, grocery shopped, cooked. Didn't socialize. Stayed up until all hours watching baaad tv. It was lovely. But I'm glad to have my squinty home!



Sometimes, I kind of miss Suspicious Thursdays...


Little Things

I've felt blocked, for weeks. Emotionally blocked. Something in the last 12 hours has switched though, and released. Welcome fall!


Girl Interrupted

Had the second dream, in roughly about a month, last night that involved Angelina Jolie. I don't really even like her all that much...can not understand why she has suddenly invaded my subconscious. Only this time she was accompanied by Leah Remini. Is this what happened when you get older? Celebrities start worming their way in? Is this why so many middle aged women stand in check out lines swooning over the latest picture of Gerard Butler with his shirt off?


Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna

Kind of addicted to this video this morning....damn you catchy pop tarts!!!


A bear dressed in S&M surrounded by goth/punk kids raving in a backyard.
Eating a never ending amount of tacos in my childhood kitchen.
Taking care of an ever worsening she pees solids and loses hair.
Some sort of large event where I am publicly heart broken.

These are just some of the stills from my recent dreams....None are really disturbing.  Just different.


Just fell in love

Shame I've pretty much decided children aren't for me, at least maybe I found the name for the puppy we're looking to adopt...Elka!

Tabloid Invasion

The other night I dreamed that Angelina Jolie was my mother.  She was an assassin, and a big group of us were staying at this modern compound on an exotic island, targeting someone.  While there, she adopted two Brazilian babies.  I was babysitting them while she was out on a hit.  Someone invaded the room where we were located, and I watched Mike kill a man in a primal rage to protect us.  Then suddenly we were all fleeing on a plane, Angelina continuously having sex with this group of Brazilian "houseboys".  I was disgusted.  Then the dream switched to the first week of college, and Mike and I were in a bike race through the halls of the dorm.  I was winning, and well on my way to $2500.  Until I had to pee.  Suddenly I'm in a bathroom stall surrounded by the girls from high school who were a year below me.  All gossiping and girl talking.  The stall suddenly was filled with all of my possessions, and I was trying to pack everything up and load it on my back so I could find Mike and we could begin our new life together....I woke up alone, and sweating. 
These life changes are so exciting and unexpected.



Live the life you love, love the life you live...the rest is just ice cream.

fallen into reclusivity

after a summer of vacations, and bbqs, and parties, and just general merriment....I came home from this last trip and crashed.  Reorganized my apartment, and haven't left it since.  Invites to dinner-no thanks!  Swimming today-can't.  Hermitage suites me from time to time, and now is one of those times.  Frantically seeking a new place to live.  Fall is fast approaching, and I would love to be back over on the other side of the river, submerged in New Paltz and foliage and fall stews.  Fingers crossed!



Didn't, but desperately wanted to!  Laid up on the couch for the afternoon racked with terrible waves of nausea. Thank god for Mikey who brought me ginger ale, and VH1 that entertained me with crappy reality shows.
Haven't been sick in a very long time it feels, just glad it appears to have passed!  Now, I'm starved!


I want to go back

A week long celebration with some of my best girlfriends and their significant others went off without a hitch.  In fact, it went better than I could have ever imagined!  I, once again, learned a lot about myself, my love, our relationship, and Trader Joe's.  Oh yes, my friends are obsessed with it!  Everything in the fridge was Trader Joe this, or Trader Joe that.  Needless to say, it was an organic weekend!



Really strange pms food of course, lunch today was popcorn and hot dogs!   Now I feel sick...but still craving chocolate sprinkles.

Foodie Coma

It was a weekend of pig roasts and block parties....and I was all pictured out.  Let somebody else do the documenting for a time!
We did manage to get in a truly yummy meal yesterday however, between waking up in the early evening, and going back to sleep just past night fall.
Pork tenderloin rubbed with black peppercorns, fresh herbs and lime juice, with a salad of fresh from the garden tomatoes, calamata olives and silky feta over arugala with grilled onions and summer squash.
And such lovely bites at the block party!  This is not your Long Island Neighborhood!  No doritos and hot dogs here!  Farm fresh salsas and grilled peaches, three day marinated chicken and grass fed hamburgers.
Food = just one of the many things I love about living in the Hudson Valley!

And now...preparing for a 6 day beach adventure.  Trip is delayed slightly due to weather.  But there's no hold on the excitement!


Lunchtime leftover adventures continue

Today, leftover beer can chicken recycled into orchard style chicken salad, on whole grain bread with jarlsberg and a dill pickle spear....



After spending 5 days in the woods eating sausages, and prepackaged rice mixes, and mac-n-cheese...foods for 14 year olds...I vowed to come home and purge. 
Dinners at Luna-grilled veggies and tuna with friends-and today...left over grilled tuna over baby arugula with a squeeze of lemon juice and a shot of sriracha.  Perfect fuel to head back to work!



before camping has gotten remarkably easier since the first time two years ago.  Loving that I've become so organized in this department, and have everything pre-packed in it's own bags just for such pick-up-and-go occasions!  Can not wait to wake up that first morning on my island surrounded by mountains! 



this is why helicopters seem to keep circling my house?

Out with the old

and in with the us at least. Bye bye old 70s flowers!! You were a great couch, but it was time for a change!



Welcome Home

It feels like cool, and breezy. Grey skies for the first time in what feels like months!
Making a special pot of Costa Rican Coffee. Planning a day of cleaning, reading and laundry, as work seems to have dried up for a bit. It will be a good day!

Wait! What's this now? Today they plan on beginning the drainage construction outside my bedroom? What? The truck's already here? And that right there...that's the jackhammer that will be running for the next 8 hours while they break up the pavement? Grrrrrrr..............



What a wild adventure West Virginia was!
The hardest part about coming back from festival?
Remembering to put real clothes on.


The tax ain't gonna get ME!

It has been three days since my last cigarette. What's been cool is that it wasn't a conscious decision. Just suddenly didn't seem very appealing anymore. Even being around smokers hasn't really fazed me. Of course, All Good will be a guilt free zone. What will be will be...I just finally feel my body's just over it!


What a holiday!

New Paltz...Rhinebeck...Movie night...Gerry Stock...boating...impromptu lighthouse parties...rope swings into creeks...bbq with besties...
Just over 40 hours until the next adventure!

Beat the heat!

Thoroughly enjoying the new found swim spot!


Holiday Weekends

just aren't the same, when you set your own schedule anyway.


Mobile Pub

Spotted in Minneapolis by an old friend. For the drinker on the go!


Citizen Cope - Sideways Music Video

I've probably posted this song many times before....but it remains a favorite. I've got plans for this one! :)



Spicy V8, Sriracha, and a splash of worcestershire sauce, on ice, drank through a straw....does the trick of its alcoholic cousin!


Too Tired...

Guess I never took my contacts out last night when I went to bed, so this morning, was very concerned to find only a right one in the case. Put it on, and everything went wonky. Took it out, and realized I could see BETTER...d'oh! After ruling out a miracle, I figured out what had happened. no wonder when I looked out the window this morning I was taken aback by how lush and rain forest like Mike's backyard is!
Had strange dreams though...dreamt I was so thirsty I chugged a container of half-n-half (which still makes me feel queezy just thinking about); Mike and Hazel were getting along again, and hanging out like best buds at one of our bbqs; and then the Tivoli Water Tower caught on fire and began spreading through the town, and I had to figure out how to get through the fire to my house to save the boys.
This was just one of many vivid, specific dreams I've been having recently. Who needs acid? I just fall asleep and trip!


Pretending I'm 16 again

listening to Ani's Dilate and losing myself. I've finally found my lobster...


John Butler Trio - Ocean

Central Park-Tonight! So Excited!


And the conga line just won't stop!

Celebrating with Alex and Claire


The Birthday Train

just keeps rollin' along! Happy Birthday Kyle!
Photos via Barnstorm



Favorite song, covered by my favorite band, on a favorite night that I barely remember.....with my favorite people!


A Golden Ticket

for Dave fans, and I missed it for "ecstatic" dancing to Gov't Mule....toss up!

I love me some Stevie

Dave Matthews Band - Rhyme & Reason (Live 2000)

I remember being 15 and on a camping trip with my parents. They asked what was in my walkman that I'd been listening to so religiously the entire trip up to the Adirondacks. The asked to listen to it. My uber christian mother heard this song...out of the entire album...and for the next 3 years assumed I was suicidal. Gotta love Jesus!


30 has been awesome!  I have to say.  J is turning 30 in August, and having the usual trepidation.  But I assured him, 30 has been phenomenal!  This summer is going to rock!  Festivals, amazing concerts, free tickets to summerstage, a steady stream of work that pays really well...the over all happiness level is pretty much a 10 at this point!  Now if I could just get my head to leave my head alone...


This weekend there were 2 Lindsays on the mountain.  Saturday morning, my phone rang, and it was Mike.  He was standing 10 feet away.  He asked what I was up to.  I responded, enthusiastically "I'm at Mountain Jam dude!"  He responded "Where you been?"  I said, "Ummmm....I'm right next to you!  These are weird questions."  He looked around, saw me, and realized he'd called the wrong Lindsay. 
Tonight, I got two emails from A.  The first a picture of him in high school with the caption "Your wish is my command".  Then immediately after a retraction, saying sorry, sent you the wrong email, followed by a series of pictures of the OTHER Lindsay. 
How all  of these Mikes and Pats work through the world on a daily basis is beyond me!

College Daze


Fire on the Mountain

1 friend detained for illegal substances.
1 friend poked in the eye with a tree branch, and forced to wear an eye patch the remainder of the weekend..
1 15 minute violent rain shower passed by huddling underneath a tiny umbrella with Mikey.

72 consecutive hours of dancing, laughing, and love.
2 feet, legs, hips and arms that for the next 12 hours will be paralyzed in sleep/recovery.


Wacky Wednesday

I had a surreal day.  I bought my first tent, a fantastic fleece, a dry bag, a headlamp, and a water bottle.  I felt very woodsy and survivalist, until I shared my scores with T, and his response was "So everything YOU need for a walk home from the bar."  Booo....
Went back to trivia for the first time in a semester (hate that I still measure my life in those...damn Bardie friends), when the woman who lives below me comes up all excited to "finally run into me at the bar".  I do not like that people that live around me know my haunts.  She was even hanging out with people I know!  Perhaps its weird, but when i come crashing back home on my bike in the middle of the night, I don't want the people that are my neighbors to know where I've been.  Plus she asked about the night the cops were called and came to my front door. Fortunately, she got MUCH more drunk on the Swan's cheap white wine, than I did on my half pints of Organic Ale.  Her name's Stephanie, and I think she wants to be friends.  I have not decided if this is a good thing or not.



Cleaned my desk, and rearranged some lighting in order to be more focused.  Suddenly, I prefer working at dusk, rather than dawn.  We'll see how long this lasts!

Sunday Night Dinner

Caramelized onions and prosciutto with fresh rosemary and mozzarella....


Psychological Ringtones

Changed the ring tone for my clients to one that's more soothing, so I don't necessarily answer quite so agitated anymore.  However, it is SO soothing, that I am now prone to not hear it.  Back to the drawing board.

Rash Emotional Decisions

are never a wise choice.  And yet here I find myself in the dilemma of another one!  :)

Another one bites the dust

Yet another neighbor moved out this weekend.  It can't be me, can it?

Of course, the one downstairs, with the heavy footed tween girl, who likes to "brag" to her friends about her "crazy partying" upstairs neighbor to make herself appear cooler to prepubescent boys, is still here.  And she has an actual land line phone, that rings at top volume and completely throws me off each time I hear it!  Ah have made me so intolerant to retro.

The Bible according to Twitter

Mood lifter

You probably have to be both a DMB fan, and have no understanding of GPS systems, as I do, to find this as hysterical as I am this morning!


Rt 9 in the Summmertime

Actually kind of relaxing driving home from PK at midnight.  No one on the road.  The familiar sights of Rt 9.  My memory of Southern Dutchess was definitely tested today.  With a caravan of people all relying on me, and the car that stalls at stop lights, to get them from point A to B to C.  Daytime driving was stressful.  But after dark, was sad to see the lights of home!
Cleaning the bathroom and doing laundry at 2:30 am on a friday...ahhh the life of a single freelancer.


Stressed much?

Stressful few days has me in constant panic mode...and sadly enough Grey's Anatomy season finale has me hiding in the bathroom at the scary parts!  Yes, I said scary parts...



Congratulations to Amy and Doug who welcomed Little Daniel into the world this morning!
Very exciting for all of three of them!!!!

But can I just ask...when the heck are one of you going to have a damn GIRL?!?!  :)



Today is one of those days...Woke up angry at the world, and those closest to me, for no good reason at all. "A" put it best, as tapping into your inner serial killer.


The Devil Makes Three

"Drink 'til I can't remember the meaning of alone"



Just needed a reminder as to why I love these women as much as I do.  Sometimes I'm such an ass!  :(


Get Out of my Head!

Neil Young has been playing on constant rotation for three days now....


Tivoli Took down the Apollo

Amazing house we got to stay in!
Walked way too many blocks in really unfortunate footwear!
Climbed waaaay too many stairs!
So great to see everyone dressed up and out of their element! 
Way too much fun dancing like crazy people! 
Surprisingly pleasant conversation with a meth head at midnight in a Popeyes in Harlem!
Crazy cab rides with Kelly, avoiding the car bomb in Times Square!
Sitting on the sidewalk drinking beer until the sun comes up with my favorite person on Earth!
Hiking through hidden spots of Central Park all afternoon!
Getting into a water fight to settle an argument!
Dinner at our favorite spot in T-Town!
Documentary on Bob Marley to send you to sleep!
Now THAT'S how you do a weekend!

He's my Lobster!

Well, that's decided then.  
Love that we hit the early bird special at the Thai restaurant; that we go down to NYC to get out of the country, and spend almost the entire time in Central Park; and that he takes just as many photos of random sh!t as I do!


That's why they call it "fishing" and not "catchng fish"

Lovely day spent sunning, bbq-ing and recovering by the river with great friends.



Some days, freelancing finally cracks open the mystery of what it was like for all those kids I grew up with that were home schooled.


Just scored HUGE at the pub!  They were getting rid of all of the lost and found items, I got a sweet winter coat, a blazer and a cashmere sweater and scarf.  All set for next winter!  After some dry cleaning, that is...


Warm and Fuzzies

Birthday BBQ, Reggae Show, adventures in car towing, leisurely Sunday naps, and late night movies.  This was one of those weekends where I'm reminded just how much I love those very special people in my life.


First day of freelance freedom feels fantastic!!!! 


Totally chair groovin' to this album this gorgeous morning!


If you have spoken to me AT ALL in the last 6 months, you will a) probably have never guessed that this ad is actually for my job.  B) laugh at how simple they make it all sound...

Tivoli Toddling

Broiled Salmon with herbed quinoa and arugula salad with homemade roasted tomato, garlic and rosemary confit was just the start to a pretty awesome evening.



I had a dream that, for the first time in a long time, made me wake up and not be able to catch my breath.  It was a typical night at the Swan, and it was packed with everyone I know and love, including my mom and brother.  However, while it was the Swan, its was not that actual building.  There was a balcony, and the whole thing was quite high up and almost corporate feeling, as though in a high rise.  In any case, there was an accident.  A collapse of some sort of significant structure, that resulted in blood literally running down hallways.  Bodies of some of my closest friend were being thrown down chutes in an effort to assess the damage.  And Nickerson was running the halls screaming about the blood and the carnage.  He just kept repeating "they're all dead!".  When I finally reached the site of the accident, apparently my brain could not even comprehend what it would look like to see my friends as bodies, because no matter how I tried to focus, it wouldn't come into view.  The dream was very specific as to those that had been killed, the list I won't share, I forced myself to wake up as I began searching frantically for my mother and brother, tripping over bodies, my feet covered in the blood of those that I love.  I woke up breathless and terrified.
After awhile I convinced myself it was safe to fall asleep, that the dream wouldn't follow me, only to be put into yet another community dream, where everyone was at a party at the mansion, and I had brought Cash Cat.  It was time to go home, yet suddenly the house was filled with cats, and I kept trying to catch mine, and would follow various kitties that at the time were Cash, until I would grab them, and they'd be the wrong cat.  For some reason, this dream was almost more disturbing than the first.
What is up with my thoughts about Tivoli?  I know the faith that I had had in some of its members has been permanently shattered.  That this past week has resulted in some severe spring cleaning of friendships.  And some times I feel like I've fallen down this rabbit hole, where I'm chasing something that is just out of reach.  That at first glance appears one way, until it's finally confronted and only then rears its true appearance. 
Perhaps all of this honesty and self reflection I'm immersed in from so many angles is enlightening me as to how I really feel about this life I live.


30 so far

I have to say, i got the BEST birthday presents for my birthday!  Jewelry, wine, "camping" supplies, and a printer/scanner/copy machine from my favorite.  My loves are the best!

Tivoli's taking over The Appollo

May 1st...get on the bus!
It's a gorgeous day!  Too bad right now the world looks so ugly in so many other ways.


Summmer Projects just expanded

Some kid in one of the weird cubby hole apartments near the atm machine in town has my exact NanNan chairs only upholstered in red...I love the green mine came in...but someday, maybe.
You can not know how happy finding this makes me...You had to know me 10 years ago, yet know me now....

The End

12+ hour days make me tired.  But today I gave my two week notice, and so after April14th, I will be back to having only my living room as my office...and that's the way I like it for the sunshine months! 
Now to buy a laptop so I can work from the river.

Microscopic Guitars, Laser Harps, Carrot Flutes, Oh My: Ten Unorthodox Instruments :: Blogs :: List of the Day :: Paste

Microscopic Guitars, Laser Harps, Carrot Flutes, Oh My: Ten Unorthodox Instruments :: Blogs :: List of the Day :: Paste


Quadro appendages

So excited to submit my resignation letter!  So excited for the reason for sending it!!!!!

April 2nd, 2010

Today was my 30th birthday
I found out my business is about to take off
I fit into a size 6 jeans
I finally found the perfect pair of sunglasses
I got my first pair of pearl earrings
My father made me lobster tails and London Broil
The Check Engine light finally went off in my car
I spent the evening with a glass of white wine and my boys

It was a pretty good day!


Things maybe you only learn in your 30's...

Hunter S. Thompson is NOT appropriate bedtime reading material. 


Grin and bear it!



The dreams have changed.  Now, in the end, I win.  I'm not sure what that means...


I was meant for the movies

Missing the Mountains

Every once in awhile I get the mixture just right, and my morning coffee tastes like sipping it fireside in the mountains.  Today is one of those days.  It's a good thing!


I went to the store and spent almost $20 on cat treats, toys, and stimulants for my three boys.  The thing they were most excited to see walk through the door?  The giant bag Santa Fe sends their take-out home in.  The Old Guy and Hairy Mon are currently BOTH sitting inside of it, pretending the other one's not there.  Don't worry guys!  Mom's having enough fun for everybody with this nifty light up ball!

Gorgeous weather has settled in, meaning today was cleanup day on the balcony.  This lead to the realization that my outside space does not match my inside space, and so two hours were spent looking for upgrades.  I'm thinking a trip to the second hand stores is in order tomorrow!  Sweet!  But, with all this patio research...I now want a giant blue stone pool to put all of this gorgeous stufff around!

Amazon Woes

Oh, one should not online shop when drunk....especially when one has lived in multiple place with very similar addresses.  To whomever lives in my old apartment in Rhinebeck, I hope you appreciate the DVDs...


It's only 11:46 wha?  Feels so much later....I had my doors open for the first time today, and I've already spent the last 5 hours battling with mosquitoes.  Or maybe its just one, very shifty, mosquito....

Pictures perhaps to follow

Attempting my own thin crust prosciutto and pear pizza with carmelized onions...this is why I should own a rolling pin...

What a day....

Worked until 8pm on a gorgeous pre-spring afternoon.  Went to three atms just trying to get money for the toll to get back across the bridge, all the while fighting a personally set deadline of getting home in time to order sushi and fall asleep on the couch.  Achieved said deadline, only to wake up at midnight...desperate for tea.  Now, drinking boiling hot ginger lemon tea, hoping to cut through the shooting pains in my throat.  But Kelly from The Office is on Letterman, and I love her!



Nobody can beat rabies...


When signs are as blatant as these, I am a dumb dumb girl.


Guess I needed it

Went from not being able to sleep ever, to just now sleeping a total of 24 hours between 5am Friday and 11am Saturday. 
And have I mentioned how excited I got when filling out the 2010 census form, that I could put down I was 29 by just ONE DAY!  After all, they asked how old you would be on April 1, 2010....Not April 2nd, which would, in fact, be a huge difference!   :)


Thursday night shenanigans

Drinking wine
Singing Patsy Kline
Waiting for a boy to come over...

Is it 2001?

Grey Quotes

Grey's has been full of all sorts of fun lines the past few weeks:

"Your heart lives in your vagina"

I think that's my favorite...


Job perks

I do enjoy the fact that I can utilize my "lunch break" to get housekeeping done.  Just taking out all of the recyclables...makes it feel like a new house!

Maybe its the way the light hits you...

There's a lot of weird in my life right now.... woke up this morning and thought it was 2 years ago....



What a fantastic couple of days! So far, my decision to live it up for the last 30 days of my 20's has worked out pretty nicely! It feels like the world is waking up again after a very long winter. I know I am...



Today marks the beginning of 30 days to 30! Let the celebrations begin!
Tonight, dinner with my bestest buddy...

Saturday night in T-Town

Just another

Woke up with a horrible headache

This helped...


Geometric Seasons


Taking this herbal supplement to sleep better.  Works great, but was hesitant because of the side effects everyone warned about...that of crazy dreams and such.  I was anticipating something along the lines of some sort of nocturnal subconscious psychotropic experience.  I guess.  What I've come to realize is that I already have crazy vivid I can just get to having them easier!


Thesaurus Thumbing

Searching for a synonym for "sneaky", and so found my new telling favorite::
Clandestine: characterized by, done in, or executed with secrecy or concealment, esp. for purposes of subversion or deception; private or surreptitious
I don't get it, but it makes my dad giggle like a little kid, and THAT I love!

Bewitched reruns are back on TV!  Love the "good clean TV fun"!



I am craving a turkey sandwich, on a hard roll...with mayo and lettuce....none of which are really things I especially's a weird day. 


Lights Out!

15 hours without electricity.  FIFTEEN HOURS!!!  Not usually a terrible thing, but when temperatures are at freezing, and your heat's electric, there's little to do but curl up under blankets, read, and pray for a fix.  Even the cats were cold, and wiggled their way below the down comforter.  A nice day of bonding!


Snow storm

A little old lady told me at work yesterday that it was going to snow from today until Saturday.  I humored her, at the time, passed the information along to the tech who also had a good disbelieving laugh.  Oops...


Sight Unseen

And so, my foray back into the world of theater has come and gone.  I have to say, it feels amazing to be back!


It all comes together

I think the chair in Dan and Roseanne's bedroom on "Roseanne" is upholstered in the same hideously fantastic fabric that the chair in MY bedroom is.  No WONDER I love this show! 



Apparently, even decaf, drank at 7pm, keeps me awake until almost 4am.  There is nothing worse than laying in bed, wanting to fall asleep, and not being able to!


New loves

 I downloaded this album last night after catching them on The David Letterman Show, and swear to god, I have listened to the album about three times already since

A little light listening for a crazy day

More Matt Morris music on iLike


Spoken from the heart

I know this is sappy, but just heard about this song from B.V., and it feels like I wrote it. 


Chunky Monkey

I am so amazed by what happens when you whip frozen bananas with skim milk and some honey.  Top it off with my PMS brownies...and I've got my own homemade Ben and Jerry's!


"You had me at Scharffenberger!"

Silent Night

Small batch brownies...
Fresh fish and brown rice w/ greens...
Snowflakes lit by little white lights...
Snuggles with the fuzzy faces...



Just remembered I have the early shift at work tomorrow...that doesn't make me happy. 
Making braised beef for first red meat since Christmas...that makes me very happy!


One mushy one for the occassion

Its an ironic coincidence, but it made me smile.
I was going through an old box in the garage today, and I came across a photograph of a single rose in black and white, framed.  On the back you had written "I took this for you so now you'll always have flowers at your desk.
Anyway, it made me smile.

Happy Valentine's Day to me

So, after not leaving my house for a record 4 days, I decided today was the day to blow the stink off, and head out doors.  I set out on a trek for the bays, via the railroad tracks, here I document my journey...
First I stumble across an interesting ice flow.  Almost looks like a frozen whirlpool!

Then, the infamous Livingston Estate/Calendar House Abandoned Shell.  I've heard many uses for this, one theory is that it was originally part of a boathouse.  Another theory is that it housed the power source for the grounds, and suffered an explosion at one time.

I don't know what the real story is, but it's cool!  I love crap like this!

And it's got great views!

Continuing on,  we reach Madelin/Crugar Island.  Home of many Native American Artifacts.

I contemplate whether or not the apparently solid ice between myself and the Island Shore will hold should I try to walk across.
Realizing I am out here alone, and that no one even knows where I am, and remembering that at one time we were able to sail the boat through this very channel, therefore implying that the depth is quite significant....I turn back.

Hard to see from this scale...but we've reached the bays at last...and that brown bump in the center is the top of a beaver damn.  At this point I am suddenly spooked by a large rustling in the brush behind me, and let out a small girlish screech.  The cause of said rustling was never found.  Do beavers hibernate?
I will not be deterred however.

Alas, a road block, hard to see but up ahead is a bridge spanning one of the bay's outlets.  Being a huge chicken, I refuse to  put myself in such a predicament as having to walk exclusively on the tracks, with no refuge should a train come, so even though that white post reads 98 miles to NYC.  
This is the end of the trail for me.

On the way back, I find myself on the wrong side of the tracks when a train comes by.  Forced to press up against this wall, and hope no stray rocks get kicked up in my direction, while my headphones do very little to block out the sound!

Back at the abandoned building....What a great way to spend a winter day!

The End.

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