Uncomfortable Pick up Attempt

Him: So, what kind of music DO you like?
Me: Mostly reggae, jam band...electronica sort of stuff.
Him: So, you obviously smoke a lot of pot then.
Me: ...Why would you say that?
Him: Well, you like reggae music...
Me: I gotta go.


Really Monday? Really?

Dealt with so many bitchy clients this morning....and of course I JUST missed Fed Ex driving away from my house with my debit card tucked safely away within its doors. Blargh!!!!


It is not a good sign....

It is not a good sign, when your phone rings and you pray it's a bill collector...rather than the same client who has been calling every half hour since 8 am!

Daydream Believin'

I hate when the subconscious world fucks with the conscious one!


Tuna melt on sesame crisp bread with smoked gouda......mmmmm


Christine (upon hearing many stories about Tivoli) "So you mean to tell me that she's got Nathalie Merchant, Norah Jones, a Mansion, the pub and a $60 bottle of wine...and we've been having girl's night at YOUR house for the last three years?!?!"


No work tomorrow means Lindsay gets to play tonight!

I don't care what I say about the last concert I went to...Dave's voice still gives me chills....


Is it wrong that after coming home to find my teenie tiny high school was on the news for a hostage/gunman situation, and going through all the photos online...the first thought that comes to mind is "Damn I grew up in a town full of ugly people!"
Everyone's ok by the way...I'm came to the game late in the day.



I think I need to start leaving post-its next to my bed at night, so when i wake up I know what day it is, when I need to get up, and what I have to do. This whole early morning confusion thing is getting old....



Oh my god! Morphine at the pub tonight was off the chart! It was amazing to have these songs I love so much recreated in my very own second home. Nickerson outdid himself with this one! Can't wait until tomorrow night!!!!!


Thursday night

with wine and my medical dramas...helping to make the weird wear away.

And now I'm off to declog my shower drain...we run hard here!


I had a dream

about ordering pancakes in a diner...
So I made them for breakfast!
And then remembered I don't really like pancakes.


Day 2 of my new 14 hour work day schedule. So far so good!
Unfortunately, the rest of my world seems to feel so vastly different from 4 days ago. I just want to go back to normal!

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