I have to say this whole Occupy Wall Street Campaign has actually made me feel a bit better about myself and my own economics.  Though the stress of working constantly, yet still being broke has taken a larger toll than I ever imagined, and now I can feel it eating away at my health...which is a precious commodity to begin with as I can't afford to have health insurance on top of all my other luxuries like water and electricity!  The fact that a single paycheck barely covers my rent has made me realize that it is time to face the facts.  I fought a good fight trying to stay out of my parents' house, but it just no longer seems plausible in this economy.  The allure of being able to pay for gas to get to work just seems too brilliant at this point.  I hate feeling like I'm admitting defeat.  Didn't I used to live on just as much 4 years ago?  True, my rent has risen maybe $20 since then...but I just can't imagine that 4 years ago I was making less than I do now, yet making more ends meet.  I admit defeat.


Big changes need to come, and fast.  It's time to gather up this life and move on.

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