Gettin' things Accomplished and Such

Finally figured out my unemployment benefit extension hoozits. Should be fairly seamless and painless.
Reconnecting with a discarded friend...always a good thing. Let's just hope "the Man" and I can figure out a way to make spending New Years with them work!
Chugging along on newest project. I hate designing built-ins, though its really because I always forget to RESEARCH! Idea files are key...and its a step I just never do! I got it now though. Now we're cookin'...

2009 RE:solutions

I laid awake last night for 2 hours running over these things in my head....
  • Figure out what it is in life I always want to be the best at and narrow it down to a career. So far we have painting, cooking, and acting. With the heads up I recently got, cooking may be viable....I just can NOT turn 30 and still feel like a floundering adolescent! Time to get this shite together!
  • Curb my drinking, determine who in my life I actually enjoy hanging out with sober, and focus on them. Sarah and I realized the other night we have large clumps of friends we've never even SEEN outside of a social drinking setting....that can't be good!
  • Get back to where I was at before this whole job thing fell apart! Back to the healthful level, back to the happiness level, back to LEVEL.

Insensitivity Runs in the Family

"You know, she has a job, and her own money...all things that keep a relationship going..."

Spoken from my backseat, about another "family" member's new girlfriend....gotta say, it stung alittle...and definately made our front seat vibe a bit more awkward!


Starting the end of March, Jetblue will be offering flights from Newburgh to San Jose, Costa Rica. Unfortunately, they don't have the pricing up yet. But I'm thinking....perhaps a little Paradise Getaway for "The Man" and my birthdays...being only 17 days apart...we had planned a joint trip last year...that fell through. But noone can ask me to "not go" when I've got a plane ticket in my hand!



Lindsay is...

tumbling back down that damn rabbit hole.
noticing the snow at 3am and, like Pavlov's dog, craving a mushroom trip.
spending way too much time with her furry feline friends.
realizing the pattern of repercussions of a dirty habit, and deciding to change.
finally deleting stored text messages of significance from moments she never wanted to relive in the first place.
so excited to have sunshine fly back in from LA!

Its a Teenie Tiny World Afterall!

Off and on from the age of 16 to 24 I dated a young man named Mike. We knew pretty much everything about each other. I remember mostly the stories of his childhood and the crazy adventures. One of which dealt with a childhood babysitter who would, after the kids fell asleep, meet her boyfriend out in their driveway and makeout...and...ummmm...other things...

At the age of 28 I am dating another nice man named Mike, who loves to regale me with stories of growing up in our shared hometown, only almost 10 years earlier than I. He tells of crazy dirt biking in my back woods, running rampant around the streets, and hooking up with his girlfriend in the driveway of the kids she babysat for...

It just all came together....

Seems I have my current guy to thank for much of the sexual shenanigans of my own adolescent years.

Now I feel weird.


"Where in time are we?"

All my life I've said my favorite season was fall. It signified renewal for my school age mindset. As I age, and new notebooks and bic pens become a mere memory, my favor turns more towards spring for rebirth. Today, outside my window, with the light the way it is...and the trees looking as they do, it feels like 6:30 on an April morning. Not 10:06 5 days before the Winter Solstice.
One can dream though....

It does not feel like a December

I awoke today before dawn. Got up and immediately took alarm at the martini glass left empty in the sink. Until I remembered the amusement I had found last night in drinking my lemonade from it right before bed.
Since it was still so early, I had no real inclination to actual get I returned to bed and just sort of stared out the window. Something felt different. I couldn't describe it...but it felt familiar.
2008 has been the hardest year of my life. But also, the most amazing. And as I sat there, staring out into the lightening parking lot, at the same trees and cars I've been staring at for 3 years...I felt it. Comfort.
I noticed a forgotten Zine sitting on my bedside table, from a beloved "Tinytown" resident, dedicated specifically to our tiny town, for and about its residents. An hour later, I had traveled back across these past few years in this crazy town, with its often infuriating, yet ever more so endearing, quirks and antics. I shot back to evenings spent on the back "porch" of the pub, sitting by the river at spring's first warmth sipping beers and watching the barges float by. Sledding down the back hill of the mansion during blizzards with a bon fire burning below. Weekends spent bbqing in the snow to celebrate football playoffs. Running out to the river at first light with a boy I was completely enamoured with to watch the ice crack after an all-night bender.
It's these moments that keep this town's residents tied to its limits. These patches of sunshine that, upon reflection, occur more often than not. I am urged to walk into town today for more than excercise. Instead, to reach out and find yet another patch of sunlight.


Champagne 08

Apparently the extreme boobage had a profound effect on did the hair on Jess Kelly

6 Hours of free flowing Champagne makes for poor photo decisions

As well as dancing choices

Us Sig. others of The Housewright LLC...too many hours in...

One of the men in this photo once told me I was the most beautiful women he'd ever wasn't the Newsie...

You will be greatly missed.

F*ckn Brian!

Dayum Sarah's Tall!!!

Perpetually Sweet

Totally thought this was a picture of "The Man" with someone else, someone more significant to him, when I took it...

"There is no hatchet...I simply don't like you..." Said by someone in this picture to someone NOT pictured when once again confronted as to why we can't just bury it and be friends....

My Head Won't Leave My Head Alone

Kinda really strange that I just watched Bridge to Teribithia for the SECOND time, and still don't really get it! Guess it's just too boring for me!
Have been engrossing myself in nostalgic films for the last 24 hours in an attempt to rid myself of this settled in funk.
Cry it out has always been my mantra.
Well, I've been crying...except for a brief hour and a half at the bar watching game shows...and so far Christmas seems no brighter than it was before. Searching for a way to make all of this free time I have actually mean something. Hard when the one person you spend all of your time with also seems to be affected by this S.A.D. time of year. Maybe I should get one of those sun replicating lamps.
I'd never make it in Alaska.
And so my life changing decision, made 5 years prior, is once again confirmed. Despite the still searing pain it evokes upon reflection.
My last chance is Into the Wild. One of the most personally touching films I have seen to date. Just the sound of Eddie Vedder's voice on the soundtrack sends tears streaming down. But its necessary to stand by my decision to curb my drinking and regain a productive spot in society.
Otherwise, I just may disappear into myself. Fortunately, my mother's smile spurs me onwards.


Rut roh Rorge!

Cigs just rang up at Cornucopia for $6.66....should I be concerned?

"One Night in T-Town..."



Ha HA!

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

Romeo and Juliet

Just realizing how the frequent use of "Ho!" in Shakespeare can be misconstrued as calling someone a whore in order to get them to stop and pay attention!
Should be a good show...eventually. Once they get off book and the set changes are smoother. But a 4 hour first run is pretty painful! At least the set is soothing and interesting to watch change and morph. I might be proudest of this one yet!

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