I am craving a turkey sandwich, on a hard roll...with mayo and lettuce....none of which are really things I especially's a weird day. 


Lights Out!

15 hours without electricity.  FIFTEEN HOURS!!!  Not usually a terrible thing, but when temperatures are at freezing, and your heat's electric, there's little to do but curl up under blankets, read, and pray for a fix.  Even the cats were cold, and wiggled their way below the down comforter.  A nice day of bonding!


Snow storm

A little old lady told me at work yesterday that it was going to snow from today until Saturday.  I humored her, at the time, passed the information along to the tech who also had a good disbelieving laugh.  Oops...


Sight Unseen

And so, my foray back into the world of theater has come and gone.  I have to say, it feels amazing to be back!


It all comes together

I think the chair in Dan and Roseanne's bedroom on "Roseanne" is upholstered in the same hideously fantastic fabric that the chair in MY bedroom is.  No WONDER I love this show! 



Apparently, even decaf, drank at 7pm, keeps me awake until almost 4am.  There is nothing worse than laying in bed, wanting to fall asleep, and not being able to!


New loves

 I downloaded this album last night after catching them on The David Letterman Show, and swear to god, I have listened to the album about three times already since

A little light listening for a crazy day

More Matt Morris music on iLike


Spoken from the heart

I know this is sappy, but just heard about this song from B.V., and it feels like I wrote it. 


Chunky Monkey

I am so amazed by what happens when you whip frozen bananas with skim milk and some honey.  Top it off with my PMS brownies...and I've got my own homemade Ben and Jerry's!


"You had me at Scharffenberger!"

Silent Night

Small batch brownies...
Fresh fish and brown rice w/ greens...
Snowflakes lit by little white lights...
Snuggles with the fuzzy faces...



Just remembered I have the early shift at work tomorrow...that doesn't make me happy. 
Making braised beef for first red meat since Christmas...that makes me very happy!


One mushy one for the occassion

Its an ironic coincidence, but it made me smile.
I was going through an old box in the garage today, and I came across a photograph of a single rose in black and white, framed.  On the back you had written "I took this for you so now you'll always have flowers at your desk.
Anyway, it made me smile.

Happy Valentine's Day to me

So, after not leaving my house for a record 4 days, I decided today was the day to blow the stink off, and head out doors.  I set out on a trek for the bays, via the railroad tracks, here I document my journey...
First I stumble across an interesting ice flow.  Almost looks like a frozen whirlpool!

Then, the infamous Livingston Estate/Calendar House Abandoned Shell.  I've heard many uses for this, one theory is that it was originally part of a boathouse.  Another theory is that it housed the power source for the grounds, and suffered an explosion at one time.

I don't know what the real story is, but it's cool!  I love crap like this!

And it's got great views!

Continuing on,  we reach Madelin/Crugar Island.  Home of many Native American Artifacts.

I contemplate whether or not the apparently solid ice between myself and the Island Shore will hold should I try to walk across.
Realizing I am out here alone, and that no one even knows where I am, and remembering that at one time we were able to sail the boat through this very channel, therefore implying that the depth is quite significant....I turn back.

Hard to see from this scale...but we've reached the bays at last...and that brown bump in the center is the top of a beaver damn.  At this point I am suddenly spooked by a large rustling in the brush behind me, and let out a small girlish screech.  The cause of said rustling was never found.  Do beavers hibernate?
I will not be deterred however.

Alas, a road block, hard to see but up ahead is a bridge spanning one of the bay's outlets.  Being a huge chicken, I refuse to  put myself in such a predicament as having to walk exclusively on the tracks, with no refuge should a train come, so even though that white post reads 98 miles to NYC.  
This is the end of the trail for me.

On the way back, I find myself on the wrong side of the tracks when a train comes by.  Forced to press up against this wall, and hope no stray rocks get kicked up in my direction, while my headphones do very little to block out the sound!

Back at the abandoned building....What a great way to spend a winter day!

The End.

New Facebook Sucks!

I just spent an hour trying to upload these photos, finally gave up...screw Facebook!



This snow coverage is killlllling me! I want to watch Ellen! Grrrrr....


The below post was a mistake. The picture that was supposed to be uploaded there was another old family photo sent to me by my cousin, but I guess this one got saved in that folder as well, and instead of using thumbnails (like a responsible person) I just clicked on the most recently added...I was tempted to delete it when I realized the mistake this morning...but I like it. So it stays.







I have a thing for hot beverages....



"It's better you than him. Better you than him."

I Really Did

You came to me in my dreams this morning.
Maybe its because for some reason, I slept on your side of the bed.
But you appeared out of no where, looking like you last did.
You wrapped your arm around me, and made me think things again.
You asked who I'd been up to, and I had trouble counting back in my head.
So I started writing it down, in a revealing descending time line.
And as the number ticked past 5, you said:
"I guess you really have been looking for me".
And I guess I really did.


F*cking Lost

So I went to have dinner with friends, oblivious to the phenomenon that is the Lost Season premiere. I was unaware that these two friends are obsessed with the show. So, said I'd leave at 8. Then the 1 hour recap episode started, and I said, Ok, well, I watch this, and then leave at 9. Finally at 10:30 I dragged myself away to come home and finish watching from the comfort of my couch. I have no idea what's going on...but I totally get it!
Don't know this band, but I love this song and the guys who originated it. And I'm always a sucker for a smaltzy cover.

Sex on Fire - Sugarland from Sugarland Music on Vimeo.

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