CD Baby

Got the first actual cd I've bought in at LEAST 4 years, today in the mail.  Having the tangible thing feels better than mere hard drive clutter.  May be switching back old school....


Autumn Walk

Went for a walk into town in the drizzle this afternoon.  On the way home, I passed the window of the only neighbor I actually like around here.  She was playing such a heartfelt bluesy version of Amazing Grace on the harmonica, that I had to stop and listen for a few extra seconds.  
Lovely afternoon!


Determining the perfect ration between bread and brie. This just may take all day....


Makes me actually want to get to work....

Freelancing has made weekend appreciation non existent. But what I have come to love is our ritual of Sunday sloth.
Fresh Our Daily Bread Baguette, with toppings like roasted hot peppers and Gorgonzola, farmer's cheese, brie or muenster and chicken salad. Today, we got to add warmed apple cider. Snuggling on the couch watching football...waiting for the crock pot to finish cooking.
I love fall Sundays!


Morning musings

I have an inexplicable desire for a freak snow. I wish that's how it worked.

Crazy dreams about my apartment burning down, coupled with not being prepared for a deadline....whoa stress!

Woke up this morning to a man's voice in my bedroom. Cash has learned how to turn on the stereo. We were not amused.

Lovely weekend doing the things Single Lindsay loves to do. Absolutely nuthin'! Cleaned, grocery shopped, cooked. Didn't socialize. Stayed up until all hours watching baaad tv. It was lovely. But I'm glad to have my squinty home!



Sometimes, I kind of miss Suspicious Thursdays...


Little Things

I've felt blocked, for weeks. Emotionally blocked. Something in the last 12 hours has switched though, and released. Welcome fall!


Girl Interrupted

Had the second dream, in roughly about a month, last night that involved Angelina Jolie. I don't really even like her all that much...can not understand why she has suddenly invaded my subconscious. Only this time she was accompanied by Leah Remini. Is this what happened when you get older? Celebrities start worming their way in? Is this why so many middle aged women stand in check out lines swooning over the latest picture of Gerard Butler with his shirt off?

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