OK, budget friendly eating did NOT take into account noisy lady downstairs frying pork chops tonight....grrrrr......white bean and rosemary soup is yummy....white bean and rosemary soup is yummy...


Time stamps

Sometimes it's funny to look back at the time stamp of the last time certain music was played, and try and figure out exactly what you were doing at that time...for instance, why on May 10, 2008 between the hours of 5:30am and 12pm did I seem to have a constant streaming Ani dance party? Weird.

"Puddle Diving" back to the summer of '96 at Vassar

Trying to electronically replace so many of those beloved albums that I've only had on cassette for the last 15 years or so...its like going through an audio album of so many memories...
God I do so love me some early acoustic Ani!

And wow do I remember just how much "Used to You" used to apply, in my young mind, to one...and now see that that was all just a precursor for what was to come!


I have been having inexplicable yearnings towards adopting a new kitten. (and yes, it is slightly terrifying that instead of yearnings towards babies, I lean towards furry friends...and am fully aware of the potential for future crazy cat lady status!) But then, I saw a picture of baby Francis, and suddenly realized that it is not a new kitten I want, I am simply not spending enough time with the one I already HAVE! This must be remedied...stat!


I've always had faith

Funny how when one client drops off, another steps up to the plate.
Some samples of the actual printings of my first wallpaper...


Wearing two contacts for the first time in a week makes the whole world clearer...including my complexion...Yeouch!


Come see Ethel on Friday night at Spiegeltent! I've worked with them before, and they're awesome people, as well as fun time musicians!

Clean Your Clock

For real though! The clock in my living room has been consistently lagging behind like 10 minutes for the last two days, completely throwing me off despite my constant resetting. Took it off the wall, and noticed the ring of dinge around it due to the previous fire obsessively cleaning the clock, wall, surrounding areas. But as I time the seconds, I think it may just be low battery power after all.

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