:40 left of cheese

With 40 minutes left on this Thanksgiving 2008...what a ride (literally) it was! 7 hours in the car in 24 hours is not good for my psyche OR my bladder...but I AM thankful for many things....

My mom for being the awesome, non judgmental powerhouse of a woman she is!
My dad, for always going above and beyond!
My "step" parents...Rick and Maureen for not trying to be my actual parents, but instead being great friends.
My little bro...even though he drives me batshit crazy!
My grandma...for sitting in the car with me for almost 4 hours, in order to spend with us what may be one of her last thanksgivings (ok...tear)
My girls...all of em...Emy, Michelle, Kelly, Andrea, Allie, Brenna, Michelle, and Melissa for being a constant beacon of strength and understanding.
My kitties, Cash, Max, Francis and Peppi for bringing joy and entertainment and undieing devotion
My Man for being supportive and always willing to work through mine and our idiosyncrasies despite the frustration and hopelessness
And finally...T-Town, as much as it frustrates and bores me, it never lets you down. You always know what you're gonna get, and how it's gonna play out.
MWAH! You're da best!

Happy last 30 minutes of Thanksgiving '08!


"Gag" Gifts

OMG these are hilariously horrible gift ideas for the holiday season!

6 Words or Less

A friend just challenged me to write my memoir in 6 words. At first it seemed daunting and impossible...but after reading the provided examples....somewhat inspiring!

Grownup is a state of mind.

• Ancestors went steerage. I take subway.
• Being wrong about everything was amazing.
• Traded mastheads for Texas desert sky.
• Found success, lost relatives, then friends.
• AARP. Carded a whole new way!
• Sought knight, now I need armor
• Happiest pretending to be someone else.
• Home is not where I'm from.
• Rode the hare instead of tortoise
• Raised two children, one has survived.
• Desolately I burnt his love letters.
• Your good deed left me devastated.
• Escaped city. Miss noise. Who knew?
• Breakfast of bran, damn... traffic jam
• Loving bi-polar boyfriend: requires strong patience
• I've learned more than I've taught.
• Wanted: Man. Toothless need not apply.
• My golden ticket was printed incorrectly.
• I'd marry him again and again.
• I have cerebral flatulence every day.
• Artist, disabled. Feeling mislabeled. Ambitions tabled.
• The road diverged; I took it.
• Some collect coins, I collect diplomas
• My arms have ink in them.
• Damsel in distress; that's not me.
• Flirted with greatness, settled for less.
• I think “Ow,” sums it up.
• Easily distracted—rarely finish what I
• I live life to its fullest!
• Broken heart never mended, just grew.
• The age of Aquarius smelt fishy
• However ... I am grateful we met ...
• Life's harder than they tell you.
• One man, one woman, nine children.
• Waiting for love, He found me.
• My Irish heart has Chinese eyes.


I forgot how goood the bakery coffee is...but when the hell did it go from being $1.50 to $1.75? And how come EVERY hung over...rank ass smelling...Bardy in there this afternoon didn't have to pay for a thing? Everyone just said "I'll get ya back later?" And the disheveled girl at the cash box waved it off without a worry. Me thinks Mikey's gettin' screwed!


Say Hey!

2 Tickets to Michael Franti Concert = $60
2 Cans of Guiness @ the show = $16
Getting into a fight with giant dread locked chick because she claimed we were "touching her" and then watching security tell her that this was the 2nd complaint she'd made and perhaps maybe SHE was the problem? = Priceless


One of "the Man's" and my favorite snarky activities is to watch the gaudy jewelry shows on HSN. Last night was a particularly hideous collection of "art deco" pieces. I'm expecting this ring to be under the tree for me this year. He promised after all!


While you Were Sleeping

Effed up dreams all night, all on a same theme. I know what they mean though, and it just really sucks!



My uncle died suddenly two days ago. On the anniversary of my grandfather/his father's death. Really Spooky! The family is, understandably, in a tizzy. And all before T-G!


Weird Email Headings

The subject of my most recent email from twitter read:
Barack Obama is now following you.
Kinda creepy!



(Click to make bigger)

My mom sent me a care package that included:
  • Make-up
  • Coffee
  • 4 movies from my childhood I've been searching for for years!
  • a book on kitty cat health
  • a hair brush
  • moisturizer
  • pepper spray
Yup, mom sent me pepper spray. I THINK its because the last time we went backpacking she asked if we had some...for bears. We said no. now we do. Watch out folks! I am now armed! I think I better put this some place safe....real safe!


Oh my goodness! I really don't know how we ever leave the house! They are so gosh darn C-U-T-E!


Cute Factor!

This little guy is adorable! Can't believe I watched the whole thing! Next time, I'm definitely getting a flop eared!


Any Enya?

Enya just released a new Christmas album with my absolute favorite Christmas song...the hauntingly perfect O Come, O Come Emmanuel....made even MORE haunting by her exquisite voice...but I can't find a copy of it anywhere (for free) to share with you! So sad!

Feline Friendly

How "The Old Guy" and "Hairy Mon" spend their days...yes, he really does just stare down at the ground for hours on end. It's weird!

Craft Corner

Well, after finding a hidden porn stash from my Ex A-hole, I continued on to my project as planned...

Yup, I spent the morning melting down old candle pieces of discontinued scents that I've been hording over the last few years...and made NEW candles! Yup!

THEN! I learned just how expensive large scale prints are! And that I TOTALLY should have taken that free large format printer that was offered to me...and gone into business as a printer!


Everything Old is New Again

Last night we went through my something like 38.6 straight DAYS of music on my computer while "The Man" searched for a song he couldn't describe, couldn't remember, but knew that he liked....yeah! was so refreshing to be reintroduced to all those old favorites I haven't listened to in years, as I tend to get stuck in ruts (as he so kindly pointed out) and tend to stick to some basic go to playlists (as he ALSO pointed out). In any case, it's like a whole new(old) musical world here today!



Me: So, I wanna get a couple of fondue pots and throw a big fondue party around the holidays!
The Man: That sounds cool, but that's a lot of cheese!
Me: Actually, I don't want to do cheese or chocolate fondue! My family always does a fondue party ever Christmas, only it's with meat...
The Man: What the f*ck do you dip in MEAT?

Now, I can see how it was confusing...but at the time...hysterical!


How I spent my Sunday Afternoon

Dyeing my hair...sipping pink champagne...and reveling in achievement!

"It's time to Celebrate!"

This is so awesome!



Obsessive compulsively organizing my markers in rainbow order while bawling at Grey's Anatomy. What a way to spend a Friday!I

Mr. Pine Plains

Wish I'd known about THIS last night! What a way to spend a Thursday night!
(No wonder I didn't get the job! Totally not Pine Box enough!)


Spoken by an expert:

When people hear what you do they say 'Oh! Wow! That must be so fun!' It's not. It's tedious and time consuming and it sucks. Don't you just want to smack em?

I love my "boss"!

Small Town Ho

Brought my Science Boyfriend out for a spin around T-Town the other night. Upon sitting down, he motions across the bar and says:
"That guy in the red shirt looks so familiar..."
I look over to see "The Captain" snarfing away at a plate of food:
"Yeah, that's my met him once."
"Oh, is that awkward?"
"Well, I hate perhaps not so much for me..."

Moments later he whispers in my ear
"Why does that guy in the hoodie talking to 'The Man' look so familiar?"
"That's my other ex, they work together."
"OH! Is THAT awkward?"
"Not as awkward as all these questions you keep asking!"
"Well, I'm just saying...Hey! Look at me! I've only been in town 10 minutes and I already know gossip!"
"Yeah, great..."


Challenge update

So far, the challenge Ms. Martin imparted upon me has been going well. I've managed to go every day to the gym for the past 4 days, and have completely fallen back in love!
As for Ms. Martin? Tsk...tsk...


Sans Pants

I think my favorite part of trivia is coming home, pouring a glass of wine, and taking my pants off....watching the latest tv online...
I LOVE living alone!

Nostalgia for Crap

Its this time of year that I really want to disappear to Boston for a weekend. That was the one good thing about "The Captain". His parents' house was perfection for that quintessential New England getaway! I totally miss drunkenly raiding this kitchen of its fancy imported cheeses, excellent wines and gourmet breads in the middle of the night! It's the only thing I could possibly ever miss about him...except, now, the house has since been sold, and the wine cellar...and the room devoted only to cheese...have all been packed up and moved to France. Phew! Crisis averted!


President Obama

Just went outside and heard exactly what I was hoping for....
the cheers of all my friends celebrating in the streets!
Now, back to my kid's movies!

Lindsay is

having the feeling that the election board f*cked up AGAIN, and am going to have to drive all the way to Pine Plains to vote! BLAH!


November Resolutions

OK, so Miss Martin has presented me with a challenge...go to the gym everyday for a month. Her idea! Definitely been feeling the burden of not working a full time workout anymore....if I were a braver woman...perhaps before and afters would be appropriate.
I am not.

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