Lunchtime leftover adventures continue

Today, leftover beer can chicken recycled into orchard style chicken salad, on whole grain bread with jarlsberg and a dill pickle spear....



After spending 5 days in the woods eating sausages, and prepackaged rice mixes, and mac-n-cheese...foods for 14 year olds...I vowed to come home and purge. 
Dinners at Luna-grilled veggies and tuna with friends-and today...left over grilled tuna over baby arugula with a squeeze of lemon juice and a shot of sriracha.  Perfect fuel to head back to work!



before camping has gotten remarkably easier since the first time two years ago.  Loving that I've become so organized in this department, and have everything pre-packed in it's own bags just for such pick-up-and-go occasions!  Can not wait to wake up that first morning on my island surrounded by mountains! 



this is why helicopters seem to keep circling my house?

Out with the old

and in with the us at least. Bye bye old 70s flowers!! You were a great couch, but it was time for a change!



Welcome Home

It feels like cool, and breezy. Grey skies for the first time in what feels like months!
Making a special pot of Costa Rican Coffee. Planning a day of cleaning, reading and laundry, as work seems to have dried up for a bit. It will be a good day!

Wait! What's this now? Today they plan on beginning the drainage construction outside my bedroom? What? The truck's already here? And that right there...that's the jackhammer that will be running for the next 8 hours while they break up the pavement? Grrrrrrr..............



What a wild adventure West Virginia was!
The hardest part about coming back from festival?
Remembering to put real clothes on.


The tax ain't gonna get ME!

It has been three days since my last cigarette. What's been cool is that it wasn't a conscious decision. Just suddenly didn't seem very appealing anymore. Even being around smokers hasn't really fazed me. Of course, All Good will be a guilt free zone. What will be will be...I just finally feel my body's just over it!


What a holiday!

New Paltz...Rhinebeck...Movie night...Gerry Stock...boating...impromptu lighthouse parties...rope swings into creeks...bbq with besties...
Just over 40 hours until the next adventure!

Beat the heat!

Thoroughly enjoying the new found swim spot!


Holiday Weekends

just aren't the same, when you set your own schedule anyway.


Mobile Pub

Spotted in Minneapolis by an old friend. For the drinker on the go!

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