Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna

Kind of addicted to this video this morning....damn you catchy pop tarts!!!


A bear dressed in S&M surrounded by goth/punk kids raving in a backyard.
Eating a never ending amount of tacos in my childhood kitchen.
Taking care of an ever worsening she pees solids and loses hair.
Some sort of large event where I am publicly heart broken.

These are just some of the stills from my recent dreams....None are really disturbing.  Just different.


Just fell in love

Shame I've pretty much decided children aren't for me, at least maybe I found the name for the puppy we're looking to adopt...Elka!

Tabloid Invasion

The other night I dreamed that Angelina Jolie was my mother.  She was an assassin, and a big group of us were staying at this modern compound on an exotic island, targeting someone.  While there, she adopted two Brazilian babies.  I was babysitting them while she was out on a hit.  Someone invaded the room where we were located, and I watched Mike kill a man in a primal rage to protect us.  Then suddenly we were all fleeing on a plane, Angelina continuously having sex with this group of Brazilian "houseboys".  I was disgusted.  Then the dream switched to the first week of college, and Mike and I were in a bike race through the halls of the dorm.  I was winning, and well on my way to $2500.  Until I had to pee.  Suddenly I'm in a bathroom stall surrounded by the girls from high school who were a year below me.  All gossiping and girl talking.  The stall suddenly was filled with all of my possessions, and I was trying to pack everything up and load it on my back so I could find Mike and we could begin our new life together....I woke up alone, and sweating. 
These life changes are so exciting and unexpected.



Live the life you love, love the life you live...the rest is just ice cream.

fallen into reclusivity

after a summer of vacations, and bbqs, and parties, and just general merriment....I came home from this last trip and crashed.  Reorganized my apartment, and haven't left it since.  Invites to dinner-no thanks!  Swimming today-can't.  Hermitage suites me from time to time, and now is one of those times.  Frantically seeking a new place to live.  Fall is fast approaching, and I would love to be back over on the other side of the river, submerged in New Paltz and foliage and fall stews.  Fingers crossed!



Didn't, but desperately wanted to!  Laid up on the couch for the afternoon racked with terrible waves of nausea. Thank god for Mikey who brought me ginger ale, and VH1 that entertained me with crappy reality shows.
Haven't been sick in a very long time it feels, just glad it appears to have passed!  Now, I'm starved!


I want to go back

A week long celebration with some of my best girlfriends and their significant others went off without a hitch.  In fact, it went better than I could have ever imagined!  I, once again, learned a lot about myself, my love, our relationship, and Trader Joe's.  Oh yes, my friends are obsessed with it!  Everything in the fridge was Trader Joe this, or Trader Joe that.  Needless to say, it was an organic weekend!



Really strange pms food of course, lunch today was popcorn and hot dogs!   Now I feel sick...but still craving chocolate sprinkles.

Foodie Coma

It was a weekend of pig roasts and block parties....and I was all pictured out.  Let somebody else do the documenting for a time!
We did manage to get in a truly yummy meal yesterday however, between waking up in the early evening, and going back to sleep just past night fall.
Pork tenderloin rubbed with black peppercorns, fresh herbs and lime juice, with a salad of fresh from the garden tomatoes, calamata olives and silky feta over arugala with grilled onions and summer squash.
And such lovely bites at the block party!  This is not your Long Island Neighborhood!  No doritos and hot dogs here!  Farm fresh salsas and grilled peaches, three day marinated chicken and grass fed hamburgers.
Food = just one of the many things I love about living in the Hudson Valley!

And now...preparing for a 6 day beach adventure.  Trip is delayed slightly due to weather.  But there's no hold on the excitement!

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