Peaches & Cream - John Butler Trio

One night, while tripping on mushrooms, you explained the significance of this song as it pertained to how you felt it must have been when your brother had his first child. That was the moment I fell in love with you.


About Blogging

In the last week two of my favorite bloggers have disclosed life altering issues.  One's house burned to the ground, and the other is getting divorced.  I do not know these women.  But I have been reading their lives, or at least that which they share, from this computer screen for so many years, it's like an actual friend is confiding in me their own devastation.  Weird what makes up society today...


Heard from a friend today...

Amazing how even when saying unfamiliar words, your voice still sounds like home to me.



Sitting here perusing through the tabloid garbage as I do everyday at lunch.  Looking forward to heading home, to making dinner, and sitting at my coffee table with a glass of sparkling cider.  And then realizing that none of that exists anymore.  Losing my apartment has felt like losing a limb, and while I know I'm being over dramatic, it doesn't change the fact that I may not drive in the right direction for the next few days when I head "home".


I officially now live in one room.  Well, to be fair, a room that is about the same size as the whole of my last apartment, a bathroom to rival those of 3 star hotels, and a closet that is larger than my first kitchen.  But because it is upstairs in my father's house, and I am almost 32 years old, it is one room. 

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