Brain Defection

I've been having such vivid dreams recently. Perhaps its because I've made the decision to turn the tv off and open a book in order to fall asleep in a peaceful manner rather than to the sounds of Rosanne Barr? In any case...This first instance of this was a dream involving the pub. Apparently someone was pumping hallucinogens through the air, and before anyone realized it we were all tripping and laughing and wasted. Not even able to stand up. Then the usual cast of characters began transforming before my very eyes into faces of the past. Taun into my friend Andrew, my present day mother into the father of my childhood...Weird.
But then this morning was very nice. B) came to visit my dreams once again, and I always like when he shows up! Mornings like these, crisp and cool, coffee and cream of wheat...they're the ones that make me nostalgic for him.
Ah fall....

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