I went to the store and spent almost $20 on cat treats, toys, and stimulants for my three boys.  The thing they were most excited to see walk through the door?  The giant bag Santa Fe sends their take-out home in.  The Old Guy and Hairy Mon are currently BOTH sitting inside of it, pretending the other one's not there.  Don't worry guys!  Mom's having enough fun for everybody with this nifty light up ball!

Gorgeous weather has settled in, meaning today was cleanup day on the balcony.  This lead to the realization that my outside space does not match my inside space, and so two hours were spent looking for upgrades.  I'm thinking a trip to the second hand stores is in order tomorrow!  Sweet!  But, with all this patio research...I now want a giant blue stone pool to put all of this gorgeous stufff around!

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