Lessons in Chicken

For the past three years I have been trying, apparently futilely, to recreate my father's Chicken Cacciatore recipe.  I've done everything he's said, researched other recipes, wasted a lot of really good and bad wine.  This past week, money is tight, and the cupboard is light, so I took what I had, and decided to follow my own instincts and budget...and I nailed!  Now it may not be exactly like what I knew growing up, not better or worse, but it works.  And for the first time, I was happy, and won't waste an entire crock pot of chicken.
This opened my eyes to a whole host of ways this affects my life.  And I've relaxed a little bit, opened up a little bit, and am finally allowing the tides to run their course, instead of trying to manipulate it my way. 
Now if only this will run into the job search!

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