Foodie Coma

It was a weekend of pig roasts and block parties....and I was all pictured out.  Let somebody else do the documenting for a time!
We did manage to get in a truly yummy meal yesterday however, between waking up in the early evening, and going back to sleep just past night fall.
Pork tenderloin rubbed with black peppercorns, fresh herbs and lime juice, with a salad of fresh from the garden tomatoes, calamata olives and silky feta over arugala with grilled onions and summer squash.
And such lovely bites at the block party!  This is not your Long Island Neighborhood!  No doritos and hot dogs here!  Farm fresh salsas and grilled peaches, three day marinated chicken and grass fed hamburgers.
Food = just one of the many things I love about living in the Hudson Valley!

And now...preparing for a 6 day beach adventure.  Trip is delayed slightly due to weather.  But there's no hold on the excitement!

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