Tabloid Invasion

The other night I dreamed that Angelina Jolie was my mother.  She was an assassin, and a big group of us were staying at this modern compound on an exotic island, targeting someone.  While there, she adopted two Brazilian babies.  I was babysitting them while she was out on a hit.  Someone invaded the room where we were located, and I watched Mike kill a man in a primal rage to protect us.  Then suddenly we were all fleeing on a plane, Angelina continuously having sex with this group of Brazilian "houseboys".  I was disgusted.  Then the dream switched to the first week of college, and Mike and I were in a bike race through the halls of the dorm.  I was winning, and well on my way to $2500.  Until I had to pee.  Suddenly I'm in a bathroom stall surrounded by the girls from high school who were a year below me.  All gossiping and girl talking.  The stall suddenly was filled with all of my possessions, and I was trying to pack everything up and load it on my back so I could find Mike and we could begin our new life together....I woke up alone, and sweating. 
These life changes are so exciting and unexpected.

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