Macro Greens

In an effort to drink less bad things and more good things, I stumbled upon this company  Add 1 packet (or scoop, I've yet to get my shipment of it in bulk.  Fingers crossed for Friday!) to 8 oz of apple juice mixed with 8oz of water and viola!  It tastes somewhere along the lines of a fortified apple cider (which I am excited to start substituting in place of the apple juice just as soon as those local cider places start cranking out the good stuff!)  I feel more energized, have less food cravings, and am no longer starving when lunch time hits, resulting in smaller portions.  So far so good!
As an aside, you don't HAVE to limit yourself to apple juice.  Try it in any kind of non citrus juice (not sure why not citrus, that's just what the website recommends) or a smoothie!

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