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10 Years ago today I made a terrible mistake that (hopefully) changed my life for the better.  Today marks the day that it is permanently expunged from my record and I no longer need to have this dark shadow hanging in the back of my mind, or my rear view mirror.
7 years ago today I moved in with the man I thought I would spend the rest of my life with.  Today we meet for coffee for the first time since he broke my heart and I moved out, and we start fresh on equal ground.
1 year ago today I made a decision to change my life and not die in a fetal position of fear and stress and worry.  Still working on that one, but small steps forward can cause life altering movement, and I can report that today I feel healthier, happier, less fearful, and more hopeful than I did that day. 
There is still work to do, but this day shall always remain a life altering day in my past, present, and hopefully, future. 
Starting with this one small step.

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