Working my way through the HBO show Girls, and it just reminds me that I'm not 24 anymore.

The website lied.  Peach Detox does NOT taste better than Berry Detox.

I had a text convo tonight with a boy about food that in the end felt like text sex.

I've been burning a cranberry orange candle for going on 24 hours, and it's starting to make me nauseous.   But it's burnt down so far that if I blow it out, I'll never be able to fit my hand that far down in to relight it.

I dyed my hair for the 4th time in 2 weeks today in what appears to be becoming a futile attempt to get my hair color back to blonde.

I said I'm reading a biography of John Lennon, but really I stopped two weeks ago and have been reading Kristen Johnston's bio Guts instead. 

I spent an hour tonight on a tumblr called Hippy Girls.

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