Smooth Vibrations

Every morning after my ridiculously hot shower, I slather myself in my newest batch of whipped Shea butter and head downstairs to load up the blender with bananas, vanilla flavored soy or hemp milk, my micro greens, flax meal, coconut oil, and whatever other fruits I may find laying around that strike my fancy.  Three nights ago I made my very favorite mashed sweet potatoes with orange juice and bit of brown sugar, and seeing as I am the only person living in my house who has this unbridled sweet potato addiction, the large pot has sat mostly untouched.  Trying to figure out what to do with all these sweet potatoes that nobody wants to eat, a little bell went off! 
I've been reading so much about pumpkin smoothies these days...why not sweet potato?  But would it be weird with vanilla?  Who knows.  Banana?  So I set out with my work horse of a blender, my pre-mashed sweet potatoes, Very Vanilla Soy milk, some flax meal, and in the end threw in some frozen mango chunks, just in case.  It took some coxing, but eventually it all smoothed out into a velvety, thick concoction. 
I'm not going to lie, that first sip with a bit questionable.  It's sweet potatoes...but it's not.  It's thanksgiving....but I'm drinking it.  Half way through my 16oz my mind is made up.  This is friggin' fantastic!!!  Such a nice change up from my daily banana/blueberry/kiwi...blah blah blah...and without the addition of ice, its not so teeth numbing, especially in these single digit temps we're having right now.
Love learning new things every day!

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