My dream/nightmare last night consisted of being sucked back into time during a slave uprising. I was placed within a slave home, and then they were raided by the whites...I was shot in the neck with a small bullet that barely broke the surface, and watched those around me being whipped and beaten, until I finally escaped to join a wiccan group situated outside the house to watch the "festivities" and to step in should things get too out of hand. Eventually, once the barricade between the slaves and the whites was finally broken down,flames began to consume those inside, the bloodshed was horrible, and so the wiccans and myself took off running until we came across a large hill with kids literally flying down it using pizza boxes as wings...we climbed to the top where Tim Voell handed me two box tops and a pair of stirrups fashioned together into a flying device, patted me on the back, and said go ahead, you're free!

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