Not turning out so well.

The last 24 hours have been H_A_R_D! After a freak power outage midday, I lost a good portion of three projects I was working on. And by lost, I mean one of which was completely destroyed. Colors blown out, pixels rendered indecipherable....fucked up! This has happened once before, and I'm thinking perhaps there's some pretty major flaws in photoshop! Any case, I resolve to stay up until its finished! Not a problem! That is until your ex boyfriend shows up at your door in the evening, looking for money and a chance to just "sit down and catch up".
So, I was up until 3am working. Passed out on the couch, got to bed finally around 4:30...where I blurry eyed had to reset my alarm clock. Just to wake up this morning to constant phone calls and text messages...and finally, the cats having what seemed to be a vomiting contest! All this, and my coffee maker's broken, and it's Tuesday so I have to go get the nasty rocket fuel from the Grocer instead of the yummy, worth the trip into town, bakery coffee! It's only 11:05 and I'm spent!

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