Open letter

I'm sorry, I know you don't want to hear this, but ending a long term relationship is complicated. Things get mucky. People need to give back things that they've come to take advantage of. This isn't high school. Its no longer a matter of passing a note at lunchtime breaking the bad news. Lives become intertwined when you make a commitment. And asking for possessions back is not a bargaining chip. Its simply how it is. Get up, give it up, and move on. You think there's ENJOYMENT found in calling everyday looking to collect more crap? Keep the extra toothbrush "just in case". Keep the saline solution and the contact case...because yes, we never do know. But it took three years to recoup what was lost the last time around. Big things. Mandatory things. Electrical things. Purring things!!! The least that can be done is to return that favorite cd that's been causing a void in daily life since it's been out of reach.
This wasn't a marriage. And the dissolve wasn't mutual. So cut some slack....Suck it up. Stop tormenting!
Life goes on whether you move with it or not.

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