Unexpected Resolutions

So, I made the decision last Wednesday to quit smoking. Around Christmas I had resolved to start saving money and no longer try my damnedest to support paying off the pub's tax bill. The combining of these two things has, of course, cut down on my drinking. The goal I really wanted to reach. There has been an unexpected side affect from all of this elimination...without the smoking, the drinking seems unappetizing...without the drinking, the comfort foods I've been craving all winter, seem heavy and rich and make me feel sluggish. Since Wednesday, my eating habits have jumped back to where they used to be. I've eaten fish and brown rice and salads and lots of vegetables. I did make a pan of brownies in a nicotine depletion haze a few days ago...but tonight, even they seemed too much of an to get my late night chocolate fix, I made a berry and banana sorbet with skim milk, and few scoops of hot chocolate mix...and it's heaven!
Don't make New years Resolutions...this year they came upon me!

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