Too Tired...

Guess I never took my contacts out last night when I went to bed, so this morning, was very concerned to find only a right one in the case. Put it on, and everything went wonky. Took it out, and realized I could see BETTER...d'oh! After ruling out a miracle, I figured out what had happened. no wonder when I looked out the window this morning I was taken aback by how lush and rain forest like Mike's backyard is!
Had strange dreams though...dreamt I was so thirsty I chugged a container of half-n-half (which still makes me feel queezy just thinking about); Mike and Hazel were getting along again, and hanging out like best buds at one of our bbqs; and then the Tivoli Water Tower caught on fire and began spreading through the town, and I had to figure out how to get through the fire to my house to save the boys.
This was just one of many vivid, specific dreams I've been having recently. Who needs acid? I just fall asleep and trip!

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