It was imperative that I be back in town this morning BEFORE 9 am. My check for my water bill had to be in that drop box no later! When the alarm went off at quarter to 6, there was no way I was moving! When Mikey left for work at 7:15...still no movement. Even though he offered to reset the alarm, I said no thanks, I'd be up in a few minutes...just stretching. Ha! As the front door shut for the last time, and Francis curled up next to me on the pillow, I remember my last words before drifting back off were "don't let me sleep past 8:45's gotta lotta stuff to do". And we were out. A bit later I wake up to Francis walking around the bedroom, crying his little head off. I roll over, glance at the alarm clock...8:59!!!! Thank god Mikey sets his alarm fast. I made it into town, and was just pushing the envelope through the slot as the town clerk was parking her car! Phew!

My Francis. My hero.

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