Much better weekend

After last weekend's 4 days of self imposed solitude and reflection...which I did greatly enjoy...this weekend totally kicked last weekend's ass!
A fabulous girl's day Friday with Sarah, Shellma and, sunning and sangria! Doesn't get any better! Friday night turned into a raucous party evening, with a great band at the pub, followed by a keg party in a horse barn, a soccer game in the indoor arena...a long walk home from the center of town.
Saturday was a fantastic day with Mikey, an early breakfast at the diner, with an afternoon of errands and grocery shopping, bbq and movie night, while watching the thunderstorms roll through.
Today, I took off on my own, a day of solitude, floating around Stissing Lake. Spotted a juvenile Blue Heron, who let me get as close as I was comfortable navigating into the weeds. Best of all, at the end of it, I finally figured out a way to get my boat back on top of my car, all by myself!
Now I need a shower, maybe a cocktail, and a wait for Mikey to come home from hiking and make me yummy crab cakes!

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