Holy Guacamole Batman!

So, it's graduation weekend here in my tiny town. And it got me thinking about my (mine and Kelly's) OWN graduation. And I realized that that was 7 years ago.

Allow it to sink in.

S-E-V-E-N Y-E-A-R-S A-G-O.

That's 7 Christmases. 7 Birthdays. 7 summers.

And it all went back to a conversation I had with a friend tonight about how sometimes we just stop associating our actual age with the age we are in our head. For example, my friend will be 31 next month. But she stopped really associating with her age at 25. And today, someone asked her how old she was as she was buying cigarettes, and she began to say 25...but then realized, somewhat with horror, that she was on the back end of 30.
It was kind of funny at the time. But it made me realize that for the longest time I always thought of myself as 22. Maybe 23. It wasn't until I turned 29, and got that new license, with a face on it that only vaguely reflects the face on the original 21 year old ID...and suddenly my schema-shifted. (An homage to JR...look it up)

But so anyway, I was wondering then...what mental age do you think YOU are?

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