I was awake at 6am this morning. But after three episodes of The Office, I was fading fast. I fell asleep on the couch, and went into the most realistic dream. It was Mikey's college graduation, only he was wearing the cheap blue gown of our high school. Bunches of people came to celebrate, only they were all Kistner's friends from high school. After driving around with him for awhile, collecting beer and smokes and liquor, we ended up at a gorgeous reflecting pool, supposedly at the house he was staying, that was also "Dead Eyes" house...And my maternal grandparents were there! Of which, only one, my grandmother, is even still alive. And she looked 20 years younger, and so happy to be there with my Popop....and I woke up realizing that somewhere I got my wires crossed...and the last few months suddenly make perfect sense!

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