Perfect way to spend a Saturday

Climbed Mt. Everett today. It was a hazy, damp day. Supposedly there are views of 5 states from the summit. I however could barely see Mike it was so thick. And there were only three times that I REALLY did not want to be from my core...all the other times it was just mild hatred. But that feeling of release and adrenaline as you hike back down...totally makes you forget all the heavy breathing and searing lung pain and the swarming black flies and the feeling that you will never be able to pick up your feet again.
And of course, no trip to Bash Bish State park is complete without a drive through the narrow, winding mountain roads and a finish at the Great Barrington Brewery!
Cap it off with beers and bud on the balcony, an appearance from a double rainbow and Pink Floyd B-sides....?
Perfect way to spend a Saturday!

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