Went out and bought this fancy smancy cleaning product to aid in the restoration of my bathroom. It sounded toxic and dangerous and rubber glove worthy. PERFECT we thought! I get it home, and start with my shower head, which after a mere two years has become so calcified...its disgusting!
So I follow the directions, spray, soak, scrub.
Not even a little bit of a change.
So I then try it on the tub, thinking maybe the shower head was just too far gone.
Same process...spray, soak, scrub.
Now I'm pissed, cursing and scrubbing....calls of "Everything ok in there?" start coming more frequently from the living room. I make a decision and whip out the good ole standby...Comet. Worked beautifully! My shower head, my tub, my tile...all sparkles beautifully! And the all natural cleaner my mother sends me from Imus? Fantastic!
I'm never spending more than two dollars on a cleaning product again!

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